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Remind you that at. Eight forty six today all IHEART radio stations go silent to show unity and solidarity for those who are marching peaceful, protesting and to show solidarity in remembrance of George Floyd, so it's eight forty six. We're going to be silent for eight minutes and forty six seconds. If you could share this post, that'd be great with the Hashtag Hashtag. We hear you because we want people that are protesting. That are peaceful protests and realize that we do hear. Hear what you say what you're saying. And and I think it's very important that if you're gonNA protest you need to. You need to vote as well Hashtag. Show me when you vote. So you could share those to those two hashtags that would be great and remember that today when you're listening to the radio station and you hear silent it's because it's where reason, okay, silence silence can really save yesterday if you watch the the the. Wasn't after the funeral. Memorial Service Right? Yeah, but if you watched it man when they stood there for eight minutes and forty six seconds, I was pretty powerful, and you know. The radio stations wanted to do something to show that that we do care we. We hear you know you listen to us all the time. We want you to know that we do here. You and that's what that's what that is about so ask the question before the break What Song you think that was a hit. In the eighties. It was a rock. Song of the eighties is now back on the charts. I probably should have save this for the ones and twos ones coming up in a little bit but I thought it was funny, headed one of my one of my topics. What do you think Let's go with the right homes you. You tried to blurt something out. What do you think is? Number eighteen on the billboard chart now a song from nineteen, eighty, four, nine, thousand, nine, hundred, eighty, four I'm going with. We're not gonNA. Take it. We're not GONNA take not a bad guess around that time, so yeah, I guess that is not the correct answer, Angelique? Where do you think Eighties Metal Song? That's call that meddler rock. Hair metal, I guess. is now back on the charts. I think Ryan's guess was great. And there is not one that is coming to my head. Some GonNa, pass it on Angel Angel. You take the. Closer than an anonymity. You gotTA guess you can't and and what you did. You creatively said. Without saying I don't know and that we. Now Right. You're the one who said it all the time now. You won't say it at all. I sure but. I know but I would rather do ten pushups, but anyway take a guess. What metal song from the eighties you think could have a resurgence. Comes your head your head on your. Age over the Eighties Rob Song. Eighties rock song. You say I will remember what it Jobe Bon. Jovi's song any eighties. Eighties rock band. Let's start with that young. Rock band from the eighties any of them. There's a whole. Plethora Leopard Motley crue. Okay I mean I can bates. A song named one of those. For one thousand nine can't think of anything. Always. Bands have like twenty albums between. This is more fun than getting. Out of. Her mind. That, she tried to creatively pathway. Pass it onto you, Angel. That's how we do know. You got to take this back to you back. Trying think. Made a song about the activities that happened in the restroom, one band at a song about a condiment. One being? was talking about would they. Can't say okay, but there are other things that these days so many song. Of songs I know and he was one. We've given you now over two minutes of one. Amazing which I know is not during the eighties, but whatever cool amazing. AEROSMITH! Oh! Okay Angel I'm Bob Angel knows this from nineteen eighty four is now on the there you go. It's number eighteen on the billboard. Charts wreck rat with round and round. Because of the geiko AD. Have you seen it? Yes, and I think it's very..

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