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And always you do not have HBO do I do? Yeah, It's beyond maximum. Okay. Did you last night? Did you happen to watch they had the first episode they're doing this four part. Documentary on on Woody Allen, right, Mia Farrow. Did you happen to watch that? Not yet. It's on it's on the list. It's a priority. It'll be watched sometime this week. It is it is, It is really brutal, and it's one of these painful things to watch now. For people haven't been following this and again I always they call it a documentary. Now. Of course, you have to understand that documentaries aren't aren't necessarily objective. I mean, look at making a murderer and this documentary that the people who did it were clearly they believe that Woody Allen is a child molesting pervert. And, you know, they got interviews with Mia Farrow and with Dylan Farrow, who is the adopted daughter of Woody Allen, who claims that he molested her on and so it's a very one sided thing, But it doesn't mean it's not really compelling. And it's for people who haven't watched this. It was Woody Allen is, of course, the famous director and he started at one point in time did dating Mia Farrow, who Had been married the Rosemary's baby and she'd been married to Frank Sinatra and she was married 200 Previn, and she had a lot of Children, um, including a number of adopted Children, and it was it was. The whole thing is weird because they never got married. But they were together for years and years, and then they didn't live together. He they lived on opposite sides of Central Park in New York. And so he He made it very clear. He didn't want nothing to do with the kids. And so he lives in his apartment building on one side of Central Park. She lives with all these kids on the other side, but they have this relationship and and ultimately what happens is They end up adopting a couple kids together, and then they have one of their own and it's you just watch this and again. I don't know where the truth of any of this is, but it's just It's just it's sort of mesmerizing television because you've got the girl Dylan Farrow, who's out there, and this. This is like buttressed by sound bites from like depositions and things like that in home movies, and, you know she's very, very clear that you know Woody Allen was Molesting her going back to when they were young child. Of course you do this. It's the whole thing really comes to really kind of breaks out in the open when me affair it goes over to, you know his apartment one day and finds that he's taken all these nude photographs of her other one of rather adopted daughters. Who with the time was like 18 or 19 years old. And, of course, Woody Allen goes on to marry her. It's just the whole thing is just kind of bizarre, and I guess I might. My wife was watching with me in about 10 minutes into it. She's like this is just too weird for me, and it's I don't have a larger point other than it's just I was kind of transfixed by this going, man. This is just this is this is lifestyle that you just don't think. Thankfully, thankfully, I do not understand it. But I do I recommend this because again, it's it's a warts and all sort of portrayal and get Woody Allen thinks that says this is hatchet job, and it's not true, and he denies ever molesting. The Dylan Farrow. But it's still you just kind of watch this and you go well. All right. Woody Allen, of course, probably came to fame in the sixties and the seventies with a number of his movies, something else that was big in the sixties and seventies. Was the Muppet Show. Now you had that the Muppets that that started again. The Muppets. Originally they would make appearances and variety shows. And then they got their own movie of Jim Henson created the puppets, the Muppets and You can remember it like Kermit the Frog, and they weren't Sesame Street and all that type of stuff and they had their own movies and things like that. Well, The Muppet show from the seventies is making a return and Disney. Plus there's The Muppet Show ran for five season between 76 81. This is there actual, you know, 30 Minute TV show, Um, the Disney.

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