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Have you ever lived in a multi home or do you see mold in your bedroom and a lot of people check no. Talk a bit about just be stats. The lay of the land of how prevalent role is because as you mentioned it can present, does where probably is not a first inkling that someone is living in mold. Have Mold in their body. Right well. That's what I get asked a lot. Is that people that know me really well and knew that I was dealing already with complex chronic illness patients I was dealing with. Maldini is working with a mold inspector building inspector, and we would go visit. These patients houses, so I was really versed in this, they say. How did you buy a house ahead a mold problem? Always that happening to you and that's the big message is that it doesn't have to stink like Malta. It doesn't have to smell musty mildew, e anything like that in our personal case and I think in the case of a lot of mysterious mold. It's that if that mold is trapped behind building materials. The toxins that mold making to defend its territory, these recalled micro-toxins Bacon. Move right through those building materials into our indoor air, and we don't have a smell or assent to tell us that there's something wrong, but we do have symptoms that tell us something is wrong, and that's what I'm on a mission right now to really expand the definition of mold illness past what I'm calling spore illness, you know the CDC defined mold. Mold illness to add in the other two factors and mold that make us very sick and in my personal patient base, seventy five to eighty percent of the symptoms are due to these toxins and chemicals, and not to the Sports, necessarily that spores are going to be more classic mold allergy, so the incidents I think is quite a bit larger than we think it is that we're tracking because we're tracking by testing spores. And spores in an environment and I think that that's really missing the boat. Really need to add in looking at the micro-toxins, because if there is a water damaged area, there's going to be mold, and there will be multiple species of mold typically, and there will also be bacteria, and they're all fighting with each other for that beautiful lakefront property that they found inside that built environment with no controls. If you come into an outdoor environment where mold is natural, there are controls that keep it part of a healthy community like sunshine like wind and breeze like the underlying fungal maseela underneath the soil. That's keeping things imbalance..

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