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Raving vice for this other stories has it. Yeah 'cause that yet that first part with them them all go to the book over the titles. The book of everything fencing good point sets up the the enthralling g aspect ratio. And if i remember right wasn't it wasn't the life the new house before how Avid ser why cannot remember that anyway. I'm tired i'm tired to cardi. Didn't for go to the book of which is led him to have a shift in finding out about that great allen more stories from like free leonard. One eighty something remember. It's as you know your your successor will be the great manner never while blah blah talk about the blackest night and all those things that we got to see. Geoff johns bill out of rebirth. What you what you think about it in the nineties. How jordan was basically incan skywalker. He'll bring balanced the forest. But then he basically just destroys the core for like designate rebecca. But now trying to member. Am i imagining this. But was it non la emerald dawn. The first one didn't they would. Was it there so another one. I thought they said abbas was in ship. Because you know 'cause la what's his face in. The yellow was coming after him. So it's like censoring would be powerless against yellow. That was part of that. I think i think in the original alamos oriented is ring falem at some point. Which is why. I start shit. But then they read on it may or maybe both reasons that point knows the just. I'm trying to explain. Why green later and it was a ship in that. I miss you. None of them ever really whatever. But yes speaking of the book of l. yes. We have a book of facebook group. So yes if you love greenland go. Hey over two hundred people in that group party so very cool. No last couple of days. It's been heating up for some reason. I think once you hit a certain number of people are like. Oh hey this must be something going on here. A couple of hundred people Here we'll give you an exact count. We're at two hundred thirty as as of this recording you. Because i think a lot of times people go to those groups more than like actual facebook pages so when people say why de groups but yeah yeah the synopsis for that one is just how jordan leads the court in the ot witnessed the of how and the others read some of the stories involving the core member passed and pregnant or the end. There kind of important as it decides. Who's gonna be on earth rice. Twenty five that's right but yes. The first story that gets they will say read is laying down the law. A new recruit has sent the cleanup the criminal. The criminal hotspot Garnett path them. Seth arc arek is quickly killed vying out too late about his rings yellow. It's been like they wanna training talk at this. Point is like oh hey we might afford are something yellow. Oh my oh my god. Can you imagine if one of the stories that writers how getting hit over the head with yellow lamp. Land guy. Gordon love that one st out again. So yeah the gets killed really quick. The ring is sent to jack. T chance chance makes progress has quickly recalled the show for his violence Chance the fences action say no one else wants the job. The guardians reluctantly agree. Because it's the nineties sending him back in the hopes that he can do some weight and you know why it's the nineties. He wearing a trenchcoat. Yeah violence and a trench coat. Yes so on his trench coat. He's not wearing the uniform and see that pin on his jacket to says good nor off. It looks like like a deranged combination of captain planet logo girls. I'm sure that you know. They wanted their like their anti hero. Green lanterns wait a fuel. It's so yeah. So code is the first time he read. Jackie jackson chance yet is it was my first exposure to fit. Pretty good on planet hellhole reminded me. I got like toxic avenger and some heavy ninja turtles vibes from from the work. Some of the characters encountered so. What are your allegra. They were over the top with with a guy rearmed one of public service. Lot of cyborg. Prosthetics that. I like the tease at the end ends the end for now worm. Let's see where this goes. Oh i'm out. They i assume that they he comes up again in the quarterly. So oh yeah i mean. He'll he'll be routes every so often it will until issue fifty did he He come back at at some point during the kyle ruin. I'm remind maybe miss abby. Rebirth i think he makes an appearance. But okay cool. I mean there is like a bar like one of the cow early cower. She's but yeah. I don't think. I don't think it's jackson. We'll find out. This planet is just like the planet of literal stuff because the bar is called the den of iniquity. Just those guys playing cards. The ones like literally like drooling pink stuff on the apple. Refresh would go fish. So yes ole oscarsson think think issues worth any money yet for spins it yet. Jack t chance. The guardians like too violent will squall lucky match. They tried to assign guy that sector. Actually that might not be such. I know but i think the guardians wanted to light is is like yes guy you know like. Hey we need somebody but again we again we needed a guy. Gardner volks a true. They wanted a guy with no history. I guess i'll i jack t chance but i'm reading the phantom dc fandome..

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