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You think we should switch it to go. So you're on the same train year. That's a good idea. Okay. Eliecer g. what's resin. Any point were you nervous at your Vegas fight would might with Mike? We get physical. It was very heated. It was very heated. But as far as I'm concerned, it's never okay to put hands on anyone for me mentally. I always know if he had hit me. I would have been shocked, but I was not planning on. Right. Okay. Let's go to Maryanne from DC. Hey, Marianne. Which question? Hi guys learn. Book my biz. Whereas I think there's a real connection between GTE Nema or are they strictly just aid you to heartbreak. Strictly just warning due to heartbreak. I think there may have been a connection, but Nima might have seen lock nessa rear its ugly had. And so I think it's a potentially maybe a done dissolved, but who knows? Sure. Sexual tension. Yeah. Lizzy wants to know both your honest opinion of MJ's wedding dress. I love to listen. She's so voluptuous body is banging. So like the dress was just purrs like the mermaid of them, you do. I would have maybe something a little different, but she still view the fall. Is that the dress she wound up wearing? It is, yeah. Yeah. I have to say MJ's wedding is one of the more entertaining episodes. Shows that I've ever seen. It's something the walk down the aisle. Iconic, it's time for my mom's day and since reser you're never shorten of an opinion when it comes to everything and everyone on Bravo. I thought I would let you do the honors Rezzo muzzle of you. Thank you for letting me do this Bethany. My muzzle goes out to you because I saw that on October seventh, you were cruising the streets of Boston with the new boohoo. Looks great from the back and I love you storm happy for you. Jack, Jack goes to seen for not being a Persian man getting all up in women's business. Do not come from my girl Kelly because she will f you up..

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