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The latest covert relief bill moves ahead in the Senate after a day of gridlock. Did. Rioters coordinate with the White House in January? It's a 8 31. A logjam has been broken in the Senate that had been holding up the $1.9 trillion covert 19 relief bill. The American people are reaching out to us. And they're saying we are hurting. Senate Democrats tackled hurdles over a key element unemployment benefits. There is some bipartisanship. We believe to change the bill. But apparently that's an unpardonable sin on the other side Under an agreement accepted by West Virginia moderate Joe Manchin, who was a holdout throughout the day, Democrats offered an amendment to extend enhance benefits too early September at $300 a week a final vote on the 628 page bill is expected sometime over the way. Again. Skylar Henry CBS NEWS The White House has a growing number of governors moved to relax covert restrictions. New research from the CDC warns that lifting the measures could result in a new wave of cases and deaths. Researchers say that mask mandates imposed in states last year or associated with the nearly 2% decrease in the rate of newly reported cova deaths in the 100. Days after the rules were implemented for states that allowed restaurants to reopen for in person dining, the rate of new covert deaths increased by up to 3% in the months fall. Going the lifting of those restrictions. One of the state's easing restrictions is California, which will be letting a lot of entertainment venues reopen. It's time to play ball state announced amusement parks, live performances and ball fields back open it limited capacity. Sacramento loves the river cats, but it's not just the fans flipping out over the news River catch GM Chip Maxon says his employees are excited, too. We employ 6 700 people per year. So the economic impact of not having river cats baseball 2020. It was felt much further than just our fans not being able to come out. That's kovr. Is Laura Have Felli reporting. New York lawmakers have voted to repeal the emergency powers Governor Andrew Cuomo was granted last year to respond to the pandemic. Axios reports The bill strips Cuomo of his authority to issue new directives it comes is the governor faces mounting criticism over his handling of the pandemic in nursing homes and sexual harassment allegations. Still ahead new reporting that a capital rioter was in communication with the White House associate 8 33..

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