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Walgreen to issuing show julene as it neared ties bestselling author celebrity fitness trainer obsessed with helping you live your dream life sometimes out sendoff off a text to my mom and dad and just kind of lane them no like something major that's happened like something really cool for business or kids are like when sierra windsor razor bracket some great news from one of his coaches when something awesome happens with their business i send my mom and dad that text but i don't often share that with my friends or talk about it and social media because it if you've like bragging and if it and i guess the reason why send it off to my parents is because i want to make them proud but it's not because i have anything to prove to them i just know what makes him happy the funny thing is after all year that they've repeated these stats statistics in stories back to their friends which is a little awkward because then i feel like oh man mom and dad don't be those parents like don't be the parents who are bragan about their kids because it's tempting relic it's it's really tempting for me not to brag on my own two children but then i just remember okay what what purpose does that serve my kids aren't hearing it and if they are it's going to make them feel awkward and if i'm saying it to someone else how how does that make them feel and what why would i be sharing like all of my kids accomplishments with a friend for that matter why would i be sharing all of my own accomplishments with a friend or even an acquaintance or in social media.

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