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Is in response to a deadly florida's school shooting democrats are renewing their efforts for tighter gun controls that's why people marched because they know that the resistance to change the small minority stopping us from marching towards safety they are on the wrong sides of history new jersey senator corey booker in the democratic weekly address earlier this month the department of justice move to ban bump stocks devices that allow rifles to mimic machine guns police in sacramento maintain they thought stefan clarke had a gun when they shot and killed him earlier this month in his grandmother's backyard turns out he had a cell phone an independent autopsy has determined that clark was shot eight times with six of the bullets hitting his back protesters taking to the streets again last night the demonstrations mostly peaceful a police officer in baton rouge is vowing to fight to clear his name he's been fired after body camera footage showed him cursing at and threatening alton sterling before sterling was shot and killed back in two thousand sixteen that officer and another were not criminally charged israel says it's ready to expand its response in gaza if violence continues yesterday palestinian health officials said fifteen palestinians were killed during clashes with his forces protest organizers say mass marches will continue until may fifteenth the seventieth anniversary of israel's creation relationship between the palestinians and the israelis and light of president trump's decision to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel is at an all time low right now fox's conor powell fox news.

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