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News operate Geoffrey Berman is the federal prosecutor for the Southern District of New York where his office has been investigating associates of president trump the justice department claims he has resigned he says he has not and will not leave until the Senate confirms his successor legal analyst Laurie Levenson it is not unusual for a president to replace the US attorney but the circumstances in this case are unusual and their unusual because she was attorney has been doing investigations and I've gotten fairly close to the president how close were Rudy Giuliani for one over the last year Berman began an investigation into Julie Anne focusing on whether his efforts to dig up dirt in Ukraine on president trump's rivals violated any laws Berman also prosecuted president trump's former attorney Michael Cohen who was sent to prison CBS's Pat Milton Berman has been invited to testify in Congress CBS news update on Tom Foley and out of Tulsa Oklahoma CBS's Granda Mars has advice for those people heading for the president's rally tonight you may have to walk a few blocks to get to the B. okay center that's because the roads in downtown Tulsa or already blocked off rally goers already lined the streets of downtown toll so waiting to get inside the V. okay center there was a curfew for the area but that was rescinded Friday afternoon the request of the secret service in the mayor's executive order issuing that curfew he said protests are planned in response to the rally into groups with a history of violence in other cities plan to attend the trump campaign says it takes safety very seriously organizers are providing masks and hand sanitizer they're also doing temperature checks for everyone attending demonstrators at the capitol building in Raleigh North Carolina toppling two Confederate statues from a Confederate monument after marching in celebration of Juneteenth the demonstrators on successfully used a rope to try to pull down the statues initially they did return later and managed to pull them down a grim milestone for Brazil in the ongoing covert nineteen pandemic here's the latest from ABC's clear about our with no end in sight Brazil has passed one million confirmed cases of coronavirus just four months after the first infection was detected Brazil still has no health minister the loss to left office after clashing with president Bolsonaro who has repeatedly called the virus and media trick and a little flu also notify his part is under increasing pressure from several criminal investigations that are closing in on him and his family click our ABC news readers narrow Brazil less than a day after the company became a target on social media for saying it would defer to local governments on the issue of wearing a face mask the nation's largest movie theater chain is now changing its position the C. E. O. of AMC theater says theaters will require patrons to wear masks upon a re opening which will begin in July AMC theaters wasn't the first to say would defer to officials on this ongoing mask issue but he did hit a nerve for many people and boycott AMC quickly became a trending topic on Twitter a movie theater and Bryan Texas re opening for the first time since the pandemic here CBS's canelo Hogan the smell and sound of popcorn fills the air at premier theatre in Bryan general manager Andrea Fletcher says after an abrupt shutdown from cove in nineteen things are getting back to a new normal at the theater we've established handwashing routine every thirty minutes they hand wash and check out the gloves reports they're all wearing face coverings guests are not required to wear masks but are encouraged to do so in common spaces disinfecting seats and surfaces is done after every show and also times between movies is now much longer to allow for the facility to be thirty thoroughly cleaned about seventeen thousand Disneyland resort employees are now pushing back against a Walt Disney companies announced plans to re open Disneyland and Disney's California adventure park in Anaheim on July seventeenth in a letter to governor Gavin Newsom that was posted on Facebook the coalition of resort labor unions praises Disney for continuing to pay for a load workers during this coronavirus shut down but at the same time the coalition says they're not yet satisfied that it is safe to re.

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