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Story. It's all before. Let's go South Africa on Monday. We told me like in a like a creek. You know lots of Bushes Long Grass Roxanne. Not so we had to have a little talk from award and fellow I about the different types of snacks we might encounter outta reactive. We come across one suitable clothing Blah Blah Blah. Very interesting actually on the the man-fang it turned out just to be. Snag Away. You know. Keep your eyes on the floor for example when you walk because the pull fodder is really lies out in the sun is really well camouflaged so if you see one just walked slowly away right. Sounds PLAUSIBLE OFFER BLACK? Mamba most lethal snake in the world yet. Now interesting that as a very distinct smell like burning rubber. Take that as a warning light burning rubber if you smell lap black Mamba Black Mamba. That's a very interesting Warren inaudible and Burn rubber don't you think is it affects the African Spitting Cobra. Yeah being raised. Its neck up. If you see profits necker covers do not means. It's about to spit. Put your goggles on your eyes right. Retain the information. Don't offer clear be particularly careful near Bush's raw vine or twix neck is called exactly mimics the appearance of less small branch or Twig Disturb BITE yeah. It's actually not. It's actually the smallest of the of the nasty snakes. It's really fin free foot long. But fondly enough is the most lethal on account of the fact that there is no antidote. Is this latent with some comedy. Yeah I fought fillion on me day. Yeah own sits food my smelling for dome. Oh the vine snake nasty and there is no antidote right so we foam your little pace. I'm dragging account with some Beta barrels in it when I got to the right position. The there's a tape on the floor. You know a global the some Beta. That's the end of the shot. Deal about twenty six so obviously. I'm desperate for this and shift fist. Now I won't no. I won't ship fell. Why Yeah I think so. I don't think so the warden Sanita pissing the warden points me to pass through. The Bush says to me walk up the path one hundred yards. I'll say a little clearing. He's a book and he says there's a green flag on the far edge of the clear and a new most fast that flag when you're paying so the smell doesn't go so the smell goes away from the Cro- you know an absolutely no 'cause I'll attract snakes right so I woke up the path star of the person in a boat in the book I in flagging are certainly does atop me shoulder. An fail at the steel knife throat. That's not very nice as steel. And then this a- turn round and this fellow says nor don't turn out just yet so then this fella say done around and don't make fucking found so. I mean antiwar Cadeau he's a Ni- funny specifically requested the Arcade Mouth show. Yeah Yeah they said Pulley Tab to your knees and in such itis well I do. I'm told on the icon option. Is It natty movie dumb? And Rub the onto your Wilbur. So I did right. What me pants down and an an robson Calcutta me and Johnson. You know lie then. He pulls out this long thin plastic show with a twig in it and he takes the rope job. I have no idea this time on the and he takes the cap off of woman and holds it right next to me Johnson. Some would say Douglas said well. A twig starts to move right and I can see. It's not to all its vine snack. Whoa now you now. You glad you knew the information from earlier for the my steadily of all the unwanted or it's headed merges an. It's Tom Stops. Lapin the air. I only compliment us from me dying. Yeah 'cause it 'cause it can smell laycock that he's made me Rabbani. You know stitched right. The air presumably. He thinks that means just like a little mouse or something you know for his a while. I'm thinking this I'm the this. Finally this is at saw disclosed is went in for its fangs to sink in and you know but nothing happens and then I hear sound the sound. What sounds like a man fall the floor so slowly? Open the eyes and sure enough on the floor then for me. It's the blog and he's got a crossbow bolt in his chest. The snakes nowhere be sane. Then I hear the warden Kit Africa your key fatty say Yep I thought it was GonNa thank you so much. Yeah it's a good job fucking pervert and was watching you piddle. I says all right. So that's why you told me to. I the flag here a little hard day. We've been kissing significant fucking love it little? What they're a little hard heart facing hard. Yes so fun Goldfield. Heidi also did this. Blow won't be dead then. Yeah that's what we used Barney. That's GonNa show any significant Barney. That's why the Barney fucking gang bangers you gotTa Love Him. But y you tell anyone about more fucking sacred. I'll rip your fucking ducks out with this. Nineteen sixty spanner said the secret. Self me met. So it's a do you think that's a bit louder movie platoon you. Know Ping of the Waldon's you know kind of the way you said. What was he said something like? I didn't think I was going to make it. Yeah I didn't think I thought I wasn't. I thought you were going to make it because he now wasn't that much suspense coughing..

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