Ford discussed on The Runner's World Show - Episode 55: Lauren Fleshman


A time and place and that's with a words and attention are given to you for time and place in so that naturally breeds a type of a little bit of elitism um that you can start to believe that i don't know means more to be faster than it does to not and you can feel the disconnect between what you do and what every every day runners do and that's a total illusion um there's so much that everyday runners know that you tono as an elite athletes including what it really takes to start how much courage it takes to start how much courage it takes to persist um just the gratitude for being able to use your body in this way that elite athletes completely take for granted on an those building blocks that everyday runners have are are the foundation for truly loving they're sport elm and for connecting to others in their sport and all like the best parts of what running has to offer come from that foundation the times and places are just like this fleeting moment of your life when you can have those and if you don't also have that foundation of community and appreciation and gratitude for the very basic fundamentals of your sport you can have all the success in the world not truly appreciate it um and then your time is gone and i i know plenty of athletes that once they retired never ran again because they didn't have that foundation so i just feel really grateful that i had that experience of losing time in starting from the beginning because from that moment ford i've thought connected.

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