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Too much, but almost 4 53 traffic and weather together. The super retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the threes and we go to the always ready, Davidson Droney. Right, Madison Out west. We go to two westbound gets heavy to a crash by North Main Street That's exit. 31 lemon stirred to eastbound, still gems of getting by Piper Road and act in that vehicle went off the road into the woods Emergency vehicle. On that scene. Still, the pike looking good. Both ways south of town Expressway both ways. 10 15 minutes in and out of Boston. Ruth Rees, now quiet up and down the south shore routes. 24 24 is doing well. Both ways were one very busy both ways by the shops of getting by Gillette Stadium in Foxboro. For 95 north Wind slows Bridge Approaching exit 15 Good Now you over the sorry about that. And now over the interchange of roots of 4 95 95 we have them offering insurance copter. Well, first off, I 95 self getting here. It's a little thick volume through cancer and Sharon, but it's a steady, even flow of heavy traffic much thinner when you get towards Mansfield, 4 95 north, and we've been seeing some company on the approach to the Read them shopping areas and along the way we have, Ah, looks like a car off the road into a ditch before right before the exit to the rent them out. Let's hear David struck Molino, my friend Sherman's contrary and going, Bob, north of Town 4 95 north while you still happy to that earlier crash in 1 90 a bright not ruin 19 in Littleton, Route one cell phone Watch for disabled motor vehicle by Route 99 Saugus. A friend of 1 28. North bound, slows to a multi vehicle crash just before the cloverleaf and woman, David said Roni W. Busiest traffic on the threes And with the four day forecast, we could attack you others. John Feerick's guys a clear tonight down the 42 in Boston and thirties into Midland spots and mostly sunny for tomorrow. A nice afternoon.

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