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Blackhawks, WGN, Cook County Democratic Party discussed on After Hours with Rick Kogan


Blackhawks win at five three in Pittsburgh, another half hour to go here on the Chicago Blackhawks postgame show. I'm Chris Boden. Coming up ahead. We'll hear from Drake could Julia on becoming a Blackhawk. We'll also take a spin around the rest of the NHL scoreboard on this night. Relive this five three Blackhawks victory as well. As you heard it here on WGN and also look ahead to the next game, which is coming up fast tomorrow night at the United Center, but for the here and now it's time for the news at ten thirty. Sponsored by joint relief institute to the WGN newsroom again. Here's Roger badesch flavor much. Chris Cook County board president twenty preckwinkle. Now says she's going to get back one hundred sixteen thousand dollars that was raised at a campaign fundraiser that federally indicted ultimate Edberg hosted at his home last January. It's an about face after preckwinkle originally said last week, she had no financial dealings with the alderman break. Winkle also removed burqas chair of the Cook County Democratic Party judicial slating committee preckwinkle is the Democratic Party chair in Cook County. President Trump standing by his demands for funding for border wall as another round of shutdown talks fails to break an impasse house. Democrats say they'll pass individual bills to reopened some agencies Republicans want the interior department. Find money re staff national parks after rowing concerns about upkeep and public safety. At least three taxi drivers were robbed at gunpoint in the Mayfair Jefferson park neighborhoods within the same week under similar circumstances drivers where each dispatched a pick up fares and ended up being a group of young men. Three suspects all appear to be between the ages of sixteen and twenty two in the first two incidents, only the cab drivers personal property was taken in the third the cab was stolen. We'll check sports, traffic and weather next on WGN. It's been ten years since the two.

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Blackhawks, WGN, Cook County Democratic Party discussed on After Hours with Rick Kogan

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