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Serbia indonesia there was a stabbing attack in the theater district of paris one dead four injured the suspect that killed by police has been on police watch lists dc tourist caroliina mellow vacationing in the city saw the incident kept doing for what seemed to be a really long time and in indiana passed and they put a sheet over him that was later his body was there for a good chunk of the night all the attacks linked to isis tensions are simmering in the middle east after the us pulled out of the iran nuclear deal efforts are underway to salvage the agreement the iranian foreign minister left iran yesterday he went to beijing i he's been heading to russia and then he's going to europe basically doctors arief is going to ask these other five countries to guarantee one iran most wants from a nuclear deal that is access to international capital and banking cbs's elizabeth palmer president hassan ronnie of iran is reiterating that his country will remain committed to the twentyfifty nuclear deal if its interests can be protected why now seems to be more concerned that a comment about senator john mccain at a closed meeting leaked out about the fallout from the statement by aid kelly sadler she said mccain's positions don't matter because he's dying anyway south carolina republican senator lindsey grams message to the white house is pretty discussing thing to say it was joke it was a terrible joke i just wish somebody from the white house would tell the country that was inappropriate that's not who we are graham interviewed four cbs his face the nation for some military personnel it is mother's day on duty away from home commander robert tom serving in kabul afghanistan wish my wonderful mother deborah a happy mother's day and my lovely wife valerie who's watching her three kids it's come to washington hope you have a wonderful mother's day sorry i'm not with you look forward to seeing you soon.

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