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Still giving them work commissioned to create a soundtrack for the nicholas roeg film. The man who fell to earth. Starring david bowie. Flip asks mick taylor to help out films released nineteen seventy six and i remember the man who fell to earth people like that. That was a good movie. I am a fan of david. Bowie pollock boeing. Feel like i have a lot to listen to a lot to learn on me too. And i'm good with that i. I look forward to one day on locking that little week into sorry superman. Say sorry superman. Now sorry ram show. She was still include lascaux. We need to get her an interview. We need to speak pipe from superman. Michelle dhabi helpful. Speaking ill will nineteen eighty-one flips convicted of drug trafficking so now subsequently he and his daughter mckenzie made the rounds in the media about this big anti-drug campaign those kind of part of their deal helping reduces prison time to only a month in jail. He only spends three weeks. He actually one week off there because he got good behavior so he was held at allenwood. Prison camp allenwood pennsylvania. Believe alan woods actually pretty nice upon his release reforms. The mamas and the papas. Jesus bro with mackenzie phillips. Spanky mcfarland of the group spanky and our gang and denny doherty again. I can't take anybody. Name's spanky serious so What's your name spanky. No not gonna buy your car not gonna call you that you can you have the other girl make my coffee or hey i got my I had to go to the police station this morning. Jeez what is with you with my fingerprints done. Of course yeah. I'm gonna start teaching young children how to drive cars. They apparently just don't want anybody doing it. Had to go my physical and like the only thing that the doctor needs to check for the state to be able to teach people how to drive. Cars was to make sure. I had both my feet. Wow lupton right okay. Needed a doctor to confirm that. Now my hands not my balls just noman to fiat them. L. drive those.

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