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Punchless pirates lost to the Reds on the road for 21. Just five fits for them. While Joe Musgrove gave up three runs in the first inning alone. The good news was future closer Blake Siegel into made his major league debut with 123 inning. He hit 99 on the radar gun. Yeah, I wasn't really worried about my deal. I knew with drilling and be there, but I wasn't exactly happy with my slider today. Think it over but me work on this week. J. T. Brubaker starts against Luis Castillo tonight in Cincinnati. 6 40 on the fan. Steelers return to practice today wondering what it's going to look like on the offensive line tackle Zach Banner is out for the season with his knee injury guard. Stephon was new skis. Pectoral injury may not be all that bad. We don't know about David to Castro. Could Mike Tomlin move Matt filer back to tackle. You know, we're making some moves in the office of line and so you know, I won't speculate on what depth of the pecking order will be until we have the necessary business. But I do like the playoff man guard. I do like the plate and he had last night and I know that he is tackled capable and so I'm sure that will be an element of the discussion at the appropriate time. That move, reportedly assigning Gerald Hawkins off Houston's practice squad. Hawkins was drafted by the Steelers in 2016. Tomlin says he's leaving the light on this week for James Connor, who left with an ankle injury on Monday night stealers or home against Denver Sunday at one New York's Jordan Everly scored 12.5 minutes into the second overtime to give the Islanders a 21 win over the Lightning. Tampa Bay still has a three to Siri's lead there. A new Washington Capitals coaches, former Flyers and Predators coach Peter Laviolette from the Pittsburgh Senior benefits Advisor. Sports Desk Jim Colony. NewsRadio, 10 20 Katy K. Sports Don't Just listen for the news react to it. It's the radio Morning show in Larry, Richard and Kevin Battle. Hiring could be challenging, but ZIP recruiter makes it fast and easy. We talked to Monica Starks, who needed to hire for her company GS Group as the owner of a construction company. Finding the right people is a very difficult hands. So I.

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