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Discount. Thanks for tuning into the down dirty radio show. Available live online in syndication on networks across the US and develop internationally on the American forces network. All right. We're back here to wrap things up on another dish of the down and dirty radio show. Powered by palatis razor, you made it this far. Thank you. Thank you for tuning in. Whether you're listening to national syndication online, the podcast or one of our amazing partners like podcast one. You know? I don't performance motorsports network radio dot com. I don't know we we've got an amazing group of partners here. I mean, both live nationally our American forces network. We're we're all over the place. I can't even keep track. How many places we are? But thank you guys for tune in. Obviously, we're we're starting on your number eight here, and we just keep plugging along got a couple of new shows coming this year. We are going to be doing three shows a week project action other show, and then the offroad edition the down into radio show coming very soon as well as the new TV show version of the down and dirty radio show for YouTube. So yes, thank you guys for the continued support. If you haven't already over to tunes hit subscribe to this shows wells by other show project action, please leave a rating review. They do mean a lot to us. They help us out. And if you leave a rating view, your Twitter Instagram at username and the review, and I will follow you back on social media. Thanks players razor general tire supervision wheel Gibson exhausted. Fish, motorshow pro and the blue water resort and casino for the continued support. If you looking for coupon code dirt fish, it is J B dirt fish for fifteen percent off. And also make sure go to all tra- four licensed dot com. Get in on that KOA ch- VIP package. Those are very Uber limited. So you definitely want to get in on those very very soon. So yes, we're going to keep rocking and rolling next week here on the show. Hopefully, we see you guys back then be safe. I have a great week as always game on. Got one up that was total fail on my part that was intro game on.

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