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Join in. So obviously today is early signing day. We saw earlier that Zach Harrison defensive end out of volunteer. Angie, orange committed to OSU today pretty strong. I spoke with Steve hell wagon from button. And I had a really good conversation with him. And here he is on. Well, Steve you feel good about the LSU early signing day, and how Ryan days job how how good of a job is he doing think for Ryan day taking over the program from urban Meyer. Had a great seven year run. Obviously, the head coach there were a lot of questions about the transition and how things were going to go. You know, people are concerned will continue to win at the amazing pace. I think a ninety one percent winning percentage is what urban Meyer put up, but a lot of that is part and parcel of the outstanding job. He did as a recruiter bringing great prospects to Ohio State over his time as the head coach. Now hands off the baton to Ryan day important that there's no slippage in that regard. Most of urban Meyer's classes were all ranked in the top five nationally this class as we sit here right now is ranked number fourteen in the country. And there are some mitigating circumstances. Obviously, it's not a huge class as of today. You know, it's just kind of the way the world is this was the transition and the uncertainty with program there were some issues that cropped up this ball. But I don't look at this as. Warning sign or an idea that he's not going to recruit at the same level that urban Meyer did so I think you look at it and just say there's you mentioned back here. So now outstanding prospect central Ohio and plenty about the top players. That is Steve hell wagon with button nuts who join me last hour. Boy, there's a lot of top prospects. And in some of them, we kind of talked about steel chambers and Marcus Crowley running backs one from Georgia one from Florida, and he talked about how important this is with Mike Weber exiting, obviously, very important that we're we're getting some quality guys coming in behind him. And then some of the other big names, you know, you got Harry Miller in also an offensive lineman and then. Garrett Wilson top twenty wide receiver prospect out of Austin, Texas. And Josh we even talked about the rumors on this kid from Georgia. This Justin fields the backup there transferring to OSU, and it's pretty interesting is this kind of gain in a little bit of traction right now. Yeah. He's back up to Jake fromm down in Georgia. And he doesn't want to sit another. He's tired. He wants a chance to plays very talented was highly recruited, and you know, the thing is, you know, there's not a quarterback in this recruiting class the twenty nine thousand nine recruiting class for Ohio State does not have a quarterback tell the last time. I haven't seen one quarterback in Ohio states recruiting class. So when you consider the fact that they've got that whole there, and listen, I know people around here excited, and you know, I'll give Tate Martell chance. But I'm not exactly enamored with the guy. I'm not I haven't seen enough to believe that he's going to be any more than a you know, a running quarterback. And I I don't wanna running quarterbacks. You see how I want? I want to Dwayne Haskins. Type wanna pocket presence. You know, even though even though the fields out of this Justin feels cow Georgia. He is kind of almost J T Barrett ish in and how he plays. I. Just I don't know. I I think that whatever Ryan day does whatever this coaching staff does the most important position to solidify and whatever Ryan day wants to do with his offense where he's going to go back to the run pass option. Whether he's gonna stick back with more of a traditional spread with what we did this year. He's gonna you gotta make sure you have a really Dag on good quarterback. You didn't say RPO. You actually said run pass option. I'm tired of people who drop that don't even know what the hell RPO like. We're not that that was a robot from Star Wars see three P India. Right. Exactly. Okay. Well, interesting. We'll see how that plays out. You know, some some good information there again, thanks to Steve L wagon with buck nuts. Pretty cool. So last night. You started telling me, this is the greatest you guys. I I'll have to bring the I gotta bring the audience in on this a little bit. So you walk into the office today and Josh comes around the corner into the office. And I'm sitting there, and he goes what's up, dude? I go what's up? He goes. I got a really good story. I mean that was like your first words today, which makes me smile, man. Yes. You and I are always thinking why we're all we're content starved as they say we're on the air for three hours every day. We're always combing were thinking, we're always trying to come up with something. Interesting to entertain our fantastic audience. And you've got some it's like everything good or bad the happens in my life. Now, I look through the lens of well. How can what can I do to turn this into material for the show? I do it all the time. And you know, what's sad is is Lauren to the point yet where she my wife will go. Hey, you could do that's a topic for your? Show. We'll be watching TV. I'm not kidding. Sometimes occasionally she'll show liar drop that adhere there. But yeah. No. So I hit a I kinda I hit a parking. I was kind of looking to make sure nobody was coming my way. I hit a kerb at Kroger. You're pulling out the one out at the curb at Kroger. I didn't think I hit that hard. But I get home and as half, I'm halfway home. I noticed that little tire like pressure late thing start blinking on and off. And I'm like, well, that's not good. I go. I must have hit that a little harder. It's like a sensor on your dashboard. Yeah. Exactly. And then get out of the car. And I know it's like oh my God. My tires gone flat. Oh my gosh. My rims a little bent like, maybe a three inch piece of it is just bent up a little bit. Maybe like a nine even a forty five degree angle. And I'm like, oh, no. You know, what kind of strikes me if I could pause you right there? The thing. That strikes me kinda surprising about this. You're pulling out you, maybe you're like, I hit a curb you didn't really feel like. Holy crap. You're just like I hit a curb, and it was like not that big of a deal yet, you end up bending your ram it just based on the way, you're describing. I'm sean. It's almost like what is your roommate out of how could it just been so easy? You know, I know metal. What's this chair made out from shallow Hal anyway? So I put the is. So I got to put the the Donut on right and donate. The only go like forty five fifty miles an hour. I got to put the Donut on tonight. I gotta drop the tire and the rim off at a play. I don't know. I I'm to get. I'm really worried about how much they think they're going to be able to salvage the tire, but the rim. I was gonna say it could you see any visible damage to the tire you're thinking where it meets the rim there because it was. Just came off. And that's what let the air out. Okay. Now, whether it's completely destroyed or not I'm just hoping it can salvage the tire. I wish I knew somebody. I wish there was a guy. Like, I wish I had a guy that could just like I can just drive help you out help me out and fix it off. No, I'm going to get ripped off. Because God knows what a rims gonna cost. So anyway, I put the Donut on well. Anyway. Where you get rim jobs too. Because if you go depending on where you go that could actually turn really, really bad. But anyway, go, and I'm very I'm very nervous about this. I need a reputable guy to go to many anyway point is. I got the Donut on this morning. I dropped I dropped my little baby girl off at daycare. I didn't even think about I just I just want my normal way. I start to get on to seventy I'm already at the bottom of the exit before dawns on me. I'm on a doughnut. I can't go seventy miles an hour. Sixty five miles an hour on this Donut on to seven. I think you can though the it tells you they're not rated so. The guy in the slow lane with my flashers on point forty five miles an hour all the way from sawmill till I can get off at thirty three in Dublin. And then I have to cross back all the way through downtown doubling riverside. So I can drive forty five the rest of the way of riverside, dude. I was that guy. I was the guy that you've made fun of. Yeah. I knew it. I lay on my horn like what city doing get off the interstate. I was the guy today man, and it caused me to be like twenty minutes late to work. It was it was disastrous..

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