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In terms of your discipline and responsibility, and then they run a counter right off of it. Misdirection another player. You got 10 guys going one way and now Kittles going back to the left, And there's once he puts his foot on the ground. There's nobody that can that can really stay with him. But I think there's going to be a great opportunity to run the Holy hell out of the football in this first game. I'm glad you said that because I've been thinking of this whole week is I don't know how much and in fall Trey Lance is going to play. But if you add his element with Mostert against the Raiders, the receivers now if everybody is healthy, you can Debo. You got those guys you got As we just said most of his healthy Now you go. You got a couple of young rookie backup guys. I mean, I just think that with Kyle's brain and then the weather to do this thing now It's just run, run run room, and he hasn't been shy, he said. Look, we want to run the football with 30 Times. 30 Plus is the blueprint and get up near 150 yards or more, and then all the play action stuff that builds off of it. All The keepers that are everybody's moving one way and Jimmy is coming back the other with a couple of couple of guys out in front of him in the passing game, So I think it's really exciting. I love the blueprint of this team, and I think yesterday was a tremendous practice. I was out there and it was really good on both sides of the ball. One guy. I'm really excited about his transfer field. The wide receiver comes over from Arizona as a free agent. I think Larry Fitzgerald said that that guy deserved more opportunities when he was in when he was in Arizona. But he was to me the M V P of the preseason. Um he was the party starter for Trey, Lance, and certainly the first two games. He is an old school throwback receiver, and he will block his ass off. He will go block people, and he'll go dig out of safety. I promise you, so I'm really excited about him and how much better he's gotten from the day he got here, and I've talked to players that You know to us regarding them. They were like, Yeah, well, you know, they just glove right up on him, and that guy works on his craft, and he brings a lot to the table. And he's got to replace Kendrick, born Mohamed Sanu and the combination of those two guys, I think both of those guys together are going to give plenty of options as a 3rd and 4th receiver. You mentioned the most a Roddy and by the way, I was at that player for a purpose dinner last week, and he brought the house down with his speech and his wife, Daven. Did say you may think he's just had football player running the ball the most Geraghty and I thought, Oh, Tim Ryan? Uh huh. Beautiful. So you were referenced there? He obviously is special. But you've got a core of young backs on his team. Two rookies flat out rookies trace sermon Elijah Mitchell, who has changed his number. By the way he was 49 25 9 25. And then you've got you, Michael. Hasty, Hasty. Hasty. You just can't stop all business all business and they like to look at him. Funny. Johnny would knock you out Broad. Don't How do you see this going? I mean, how many? How many? What are you looking at, Man? He's one of those guys have three up on game days, probably and juice. Four backs up on Game day, separate category football's best full bag. And highest paid. Yeah. How do you and thank God he's back, but I thought it was. I thought he was going to the Jets. Oh, did I talked to Kyle and a couple of weeks ago in training camp in and asked him about it. And said, Man, I had a lot of trepidation. I thought I thought that solid and and coached the floor. I thought the Jets were going to get him because he's you know, he's the Northeast. I think lives in Long Island, and and he said no. I called them and told them if they do friendships over Oh, imagination,.

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