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That area of Tahoe got over two feet of snow in the last day or so and like stone EBC names there has been yet another fatal wrong way crash in Arizona this time into sun one person dead another injured in an accident this morning that happened on an I. ten frontage road and speedway Boulevard a middle school student with special needs in queen creek knows no limitations fourteen year old coal Ludwig is in a wheelchair but that doesn't stop him from being part of the new old Barney junior high wrestling team his coach Joe Frehley calls him an inspiration he doesn't uses disabilities as a reason to not do something and he's just the pit meal what hard work and effort will do for anyone tomorrow cold will kick off this year's wrestling season by participating in a wrestling tournament in the east valley it's time now to check on your traffic here's Larry Lewis for that the valley Chevy dealer traffic center thank you Lynn we've got an accident reported no one would want to one south down in Tempe near university drive you're going to find delays in that area in fact what he has to do is continue for you down towards about Elliot I teddy spotted Seventh Avenue that crash site of lanes initially looks good got all activity moved off to the right shoulder which certainly welcome news crash in Avondale as well it's gonna be McDowell at Rancho Santa Fe that's just used to die start this report sponsored by ruby Tuesday he does a back at ruby Tuesday's stop in for fresh grilled veggies trip or chicken feed is for only seven ninety nine only for a limited time I'm Larry Lewis KTAR news today we're expecting an afternoon.

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