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No interest financing today at Pella the Mark blazer show. All right. Welcome in Mark laser along with cease and Dmitry Stanley. So I guess I got a little bit of sun. I was at the regular guy golf outing, John Corby memorial here earlier today. So just off the course sorry from stinking up the studio, dude. I you're having smoked yet. Okay. Well, it would probably be, you know, sunblock is all you're really going to be smelling, because I burn, I luckily, one of the guys in group had some of those people that go from white to burn real. Yeah. Man, my fair skin. You know you see the freckles and stuff. And I've, you know, I rish my family and I'm telling you, the once I get a base, I'm good. But in a situation like today, where I did not have any whip me, I was scared, I can just without any sunblock fifteen twenty maybe thirty minutes, an intense sun and it doesn't matter what time of year, I will burn, not getting the see that, that's where I don't have to worry. Well, you get darker darker. But I have Melanie, I have natural suntan shore. It's. Built in, but you don't have to if you don't put on sunblock Schubert's ardor. Yes, I give I get much more like a golden Brown. You can't get Burt. Yes. Yeah, my shoulders every now and then I'll do something stupid because I don't really put that stuff on. Because if you asked me, I think where people the cancer problem is putting all that crap on your skin. That's where it comes from quite honestly, but that's just my own son has vitamin d. That you need indeed unique and we, especially in Columbus, Ohio, that is something that we are lacking because of a cloudy day. So when you do get the moment to get the sun to throw on that stuff. Yeah, you're missing a lot of that good vitamin d well, thanks to Mr. Gulf Ray Husted. He was my, my plus one as Jesse dawn. Joe he's good. Oh, yeah. He's a great golfer. He's a really good golfer. Very consistent. Got to meet him for the first time at the memorial. That's right. Yeah. He's a good guy man. And he hits the ball. Really? Well, we have very similar games as far as length with regard to, you know how far we're hitting clubs and so on. I think we are pretty compatible with regard to, you know scramble. We ended up hooking up with a couple of other guys. Because our other two that we're going to be in our force more. No, I, I don't know what happened. We ended up just. It was Mr. Gulf, I and so we started playing just two balls each and kind of doing our own scramble. And then we hooked up with the other two guys, but we ended up thirteen under for the I don't know what's going to end up winning. It. I'm not even sure what the. Why are you here? You what do you mean? Did it? Not india. Yeah. Well, it was over at two o'clock. You didn't get the top score. You I, I don't know what happened. I don't know if you know Joe, Joe was still there when I left, Johnny might actually have an update for us. I don't know. But when I left, I didn't see any scores or, and I had to kind of bold out of there to get over here to get rid of show. True. So, but yeah, thanks to everybody. Thanks thinks our sponsor, of course, heartland Bank. And thank you very much to, you know, there's a beautiful that twenty nine thousand nine hundred Santa Fe that was out there valued over forty thousand dollars. And thank you to Dennis Hyundai, and the whole one contest there, I didn't even get close. I didn't make that was playing like one ninety that, that par-three and I ended up hitting my tee shot fat. So I didn't even get to the green but nobody one person in our group actually made it on the green, but nobody even got close. But nobody had the whole in one to win that. But thank you to Dennis Sunday. And then, of course, all the Ronald McDonald house charities to which. This is what the benefit for this was. So thanks to everybody who participated to. And this was over at Raymond memorial their whole staff. This was it was cool, considering all the rain that we had, I cannot believe how dry the actual course was. And that's a flat piece of land. There's really no not a lotta hills there. And so, but yeah, actually shocking. So speaking of that, did you have any flooding of you've been dealing with? I feel like where I'm located the area that I my specific let my home is in. I feel like we must be at a higher level of some because we don't even give puddles. Gather on the streets. Yeah, we've been, we've been very fortunate to where I'm at like the way that it's and I don't think Josh has had any problems with that you have any was there flooding around anywhere near you. And Dublin we know we've been very lucky. They redid the drainage system outside around our place about five years ago, who sounds like it works basement, our basement flooded, about five years ago to the point I had mushrooms grow. Off my carpet. When the corner under a desk. Shot up are you know it was leaking in? And yeah, I I've dealt with before, believe me, I have nothing but sympathy for what's going on for so many people. But fortunately knock on my no knock on wood that nothing nothing major this time around. So I think a lot of people within the sound of our voices. You guys are this weekend, probably having to redo carpets and basements and bailing out water. I swear did Marshall just quickly say at one time I thought when we were going to one of his breaks he goes without water. Anyway, any like went on. I could've sworn I heard him say that, but I think even his place may have flooded or whatever. Something to me off air because when I talked to him yesterday about he was cleaning up his basement last night. Okay. So now some, some I assume the blood of something going on down there. Yeah. Absolutely. Well, yeah, a lot of people will be probably taken advantage of that today. A lot of people probably with the sunshine out. There today is probably the only one of the few days over the next few that you can actually even get mowing in both of you guys don't have to mow congrats. Right. You guys are in situations where we're in smart situations. Yeah. Forget it was. Yeah. I actually enjoy the fifty minutes. It takes me to my lawn, believe it or not. I push you know, I push and you kidding, man. I, I mean certainly don't get me wrong. I'm lazy. I would love to actually have writing, but I think people my, my neighborhood, they would make fun of me. I mean, I'd have to deal with my neighbors. Go man. Are you seri-? Are you really that lazy? But you're yards not that you don't have. I don't know six thousand square feet or something like that, like the actual size of the yard or something, I don't know somewhere around that. But it's not huge, but it doesn't it only takes me like fifty minutes fifty minutes and that could be thirty minutes riding. Yeah. But I'm like, I just can't I can't pull the trigger on what the neighbors are talking about of sitting on that thing. You'd be out of the holder. Go have a little bit of my Jack. Well, yeah, but then you get a DUI. You can't drive backyard. It doesn't matter property dude. You can get a DUI. I'm not driving down to the local K Maher mar no bear and coming back here own property. You can you can you can drink and more your yard. I don't think so. I don't think so. I defy anybody to find a case anywhere in the state of Ohio, where somebody was mowing their own yard on their own property, and had a beer in her hand talking about the guy that gossip spend. So he thought it'd be a smart idea to take his writer mower down to the mar. I understand that, that flat out if you're in your yard and you're like something happens, right? And you try to, I'm telling you, if you've been drinking, if you were driving your vehicle on your property. Unlike? Like hammered, I think that you still can get a DR getting hammered just if you sit in your car with the keys in the ignition and your and your own driveway, and you're sitting there and you're passed out, but your drunk, they can actually gave there's any police officer in the world that would that would. Well, that's a whole nother. Seriously? If you're on your writing more, and you got a can of beer in your hand on your own property, if there's a cop anywhere in the world, that would stop and mess with you through the worst officer that ever lived, and I leave. And I'm not even sure that. I mean, I'm pretty sure that you can still get a DUI in that situation. I don't know. Let her little spirit of the law talking about there. But I, I don't know if that actually would happen or could happen. I'm not. Sure. But yeah, you're I have to go with you on that. It's like what kind of a jerk are you cop? If you're messing with somebody who's literally just minding their own little bit of Jack row in their lawn, his backyard come. Right, right. Yeah. So anyway, there's I think there's a lot of that going on today, and this weekend again, people picking up the pieces of all this, flooding that we've had looks like today, hopefully, a lot of it is kind of backing up at least, you know, or going down. I should say how about last night. You guys Trump confirming that he, he called off this, the attack on Iran about ten minutes before the actual strike was supposed to have. What I saw was he asked? Okay, what's what, what are we going to damage? What kind of Dan is going to be done? And they said about one hundred and fifty people will probably die in this attack. So they pulled it up were they going to attack where the came from swollen battery sites. He confirmed as a matter of fact, this, this is a really cool piece of audio this is doing an interview with hot from NBC news. And he explains exactly how it all went down last.

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