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A harbor town show. I wanted out into a 31 on 1.5 and Steve Trouble is his New Jersey 101.5 fast traffic. A slow go on 1 95 Traveling westbound. This report, sponsored by Mothers against Drunk driving were jammed up on the westbound side for about a mile as you approach Exit five in Robbinsville as the ex over 1 30 There's an accident blocking the left lane. It's gotten heavy on the eastbound side east of 1 30 heading out towards the turnpike. Turnpike, speaking of which the North bound truck lanes are closed the entire length of a roadway that's overnight construction work south and watch out for construction between three and two and again between next to an exit number one. Neither spot really causing a hassle at this point on the North Bank stench of the turnpike. Westbound construction set up across the bay Bridge left lane is out of service. Nothing showing on the eastbound side. We have some blaze there 15 minutes ago, but don't say anything at the moment. I've been down the parkway. We're in good shape and three eastbound. That's going to be slow Eastern Route 21 Clifton out toward Route 17 and rougher. That's all because of construction and 78 jammed westbound west of 2 87 out towards 26. That's all because of maintenance work. For victims of drunk and drugged driving. Your grief is unique. But you are not alone. You always have a place that mad called a 24 hour victim. Help line 877 Matt help, Or was it mad dot org's traffic every 15 minutes. Your next report at 903 I'm like Barker on New Jersey one all 1.5 Jersey one of 1.5 insta weather could be heating up by the end of the week could be well into the nineties by the weekend. Mommy Quiet. Tonight's mainly clear skies across the region lows in the mid sixties. Cloudy breezy.

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