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Player, definitely comp be accused of regression Shanka. Alison, Nick one snow is now officially the best goalkeeper in the world in Europe. During a top five again to a month. And then you're a big fan of. Power ranking cards yet I still have to dig in his number one really. Yeah. But he's five but you just don't know us, number two today. Today, I still have fifty. Alison over Edison. All right. So solid. Yes. Yes. Well, more definitive about that, then he's invite his daughter, sitting about Minoza. But when it comes to yes. J predicting won't say an hour in the near future. You already for the dog shoes. Now we got the Champions League at the way the real issue. Are you ready? I'm never ever be. Run iron never ready to talk about individual awards. In a team sport. Never you won't find my jogging that was very solid. No, there was it. Yes. No. No. No, no. I have not ready. Naked with positively throated. Virgil Monday yesterday while he's celebrating Champions League on, whatever he's being asked about this sort of stuff. That's the point where this individual. What do we do? What point does team be the most important thing you just want to report just when the choppers lead on the question you ask is about the on? Got you. Whether we like it or not, like do hand out, these Wolters who's going to win it for you right now. It's funny because I was there in the room when the question and knocking out him or say, we is say. Myself. The person sitting next to me, we made our, our displeasure known with grown in an eye roll. I think Van Dyke was also a little annoyed by the question that you're wasting valuable time on this. I this question is so polarizing so demented, also. It's June guys, Leo Massey is playing in a major championship, and the Copa America Renaldo is coming back for the nation's which might not be quite as major. But you know what if he wins it as good star this season, you and Missy does not win the Copa America. He's going to be the conversation. This is a gigantic popularity contest. Which is why people like Virgil Van Dyke, jed. Really, don't win these awards. So I think it's as simple as that it's going to be either messy or Johnno again, let me just see. I've been the recipient of many of them are Coty I rule grown on new groom thrown in. It's not a good place to be. That journalist is now wishing Don swish. When you were finger-wagging. Oh, well. These today. Points today. It was done. I'm sure it was. That will do it. Creek. All right. I know you excited about the nation's league I want. I'm prepared for that. The goal as well. So we talk about a wedding on the full. One of them's your next time..

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