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On Saturday. They're down five to one. And I'm like, you gotta be breaking kidding me. Five to one. I walk upstairs to get something to drink and I'm waiting for the derby and I'm betting horses here. My wife yell I run back downstairs she's like Thai game. Because of who like what are you talking about tie game? She's like, well, I'll buy us that concerns war. And here's what happened. They walked Kyle Schwarzer to get to old some getting tailored. Dave. Davis. Textually? Hits grand slam. I hit of the year. For davis. He'll serve the bases that he's tied this game up on believable. Taylor Davis with a grand slam havi wins that on a home run in the bottom of the eighth and the Chicago Cubs. Take the first two. So they go to work last night, knowing okay boys, we sweep this were in. I will have won seven in a row, and they've got seven more at home on this home. Stay concerns set the table guys played at a high level. And as we talk sustainability, he'll be part of that conversation. If the cubs can continue at this rate. I mean, not for the rest of the season that'd be remarkable.

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