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Maybe this was discussed already in a later. Show an episode four sixty eight. You were speculating about the fact that the a three eighty crew did not follow the proper wind shear procedure during approach in sydney. Now you'll remember that that was. I think the What was it Singapore in singapore Or singapore air Three eighty that was making an approach to one six right at sydney and they got into a wind shear and they were accomplishing the winter procedure and they turned left into the parallel there. Planes were on approach to the one six left the parallel runway. Anyway continue with his email. Them we can talk about this So as an eight three eighty commander and speculating. Now whether you don't know of the eighties different winter features predictive and reactive winter. Well they're probably very similar to all the part one twenty-one airplanes out there. Including my my my lowly boeing seven one seven and mad dog has a These these features protractive and out of the all buses buses do okay Wind sure Ahead caution amber. Predictive wind shear diversions recommended of observation and checking of weather seems not appropriate for landing The second winter ahead. Predictive wind shear go around perform explicit permission to change configuration The third wind winter winter which is read it which is reactive winter. And that's a the winter recovery procedure. Winter procedure is mandatory. And he says according to your report. I think they may. They have received only a wind shear ahead warning which would explain why they just flew a go around exactly according to procedure. Greetings tom. now. I don't know maybe we weren't very clear about what we were saying here. But i don't think the issue was that they were not Performing the wind shear reactive winter predicted winter procedure properly. It was that they improperly turned to the left one air. Traffic control toured the told them fly heading to seven zero and the shortest. They they And they said turn right heading to seven zero and they didn't read back right and they turn to the left which would be the way the the long way around to get to heading to seven zero so they flew. They took their airplane into the flight path of some other airplanes. And that's what caused the problem. And that's what why the investigators that's why we were talking about it. Because it was an incident it was a bad bad maneuver that they perform. Not the wind shear escape over I think they did that. Just fine. But it's just a botched the go around i. I'm pretty shaw from member. Here i've re listened to show said i'm pretty so i asked the question If they got a wind chill warning why were they turning considering turning until they gotta win. But that was position i had no. We didn't want Type of wind chill warning they got. We just knew they got a wind. Chill warning with it was win. Share head or In an amber allred or whether they were in wind shear I think we were aware Snow and it really doesn't matter if you get a win. Shift predictive warning you you quite You just do a static. Exactly right i. I agree a hundred percent. We we are but the problem. Is that the go around. Procedure is what they just turned completely the wrong way. And that's what caused the havoc. So yeah we got us whether they were flying. The crate wind shear recovery procedure. They just turned the wrong way anyway. So yup having said that Great y'know on observations on the way that the three eighty flies is when i in my be a little different from the three forty that i flew. I don't know if we have both lamba. And orig- wind your head. I but then again my memories failing aligned lo long i have the manuals to check up on these things so he can reminisce. Oh thanks some late bedtime reading. Yeah yeah that'd be great ipad. I'll send you the copy of the boeing. Seven seventy can read that too if you want but basically you never have to you're right. We have predictive wind shear on our jet as well and we have the yellow and red. You know the wind shear ahead winter ahead and all that kind of stuff so same sort of thing. I think as nick says i think most modern in fact almost probably all the airplanes carrying passengers out there have these or not all them. Have the predictive. I take that back. The md ninety for some reason didn't have predictive winter but it did every active winter but The eight and the seven seven. Have both predictive and reactive. Witcher and i always get nervous when flying in like an area where the where the air is a little bit unstable and it's bumping around the they hope those accelerometers don't get upset with this because if i get something that said thinks it's an a winter and then you have to do their wind shear escape over that's just always a pat. Yeah okay there. You thank you tom for that. That was it. We don't really we weren't you know Upset about the winter escape maneuver. We were just talking about a lot of these coming suggest thoughts. They're not so much criticism so all supporting an action that just Wanted if he thought about this one no if yeah right exactly and you know we always guarantee that we're at least fifty percent accurate absolutely yep or just below that point make sure you do fifty percent okay. Yeah forty nine hundred fifty percent fifty percent. Okay hey you know. We're almost ready in the show. And i think we're going to end on a positive note and this one change for a change and more than just the positive note of. Oh thank god. They're almost finished with the show. Let's see I don't know if you to had a chance to If you.

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