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To that 2020 NBA draft class with LaMelo Ball with Anthony Edwards with all of those guys, I think that I would feel like LaMelo Ball is a level ahead of where I had where I have all of Paulo jabari Smith, Chet holmgren, but I would say that I would have palo ban Caro and jabari Smith and chat homegirl certainly ahead of where I had James wiseman and Anthony Edwards at number two and number three. So I hope that that kind of gives a gauge of where we're at in this 2022 draft class by comparing them to the 2021 and 2020 classes. Okay. Let's go to this next one here. The best guard defender in the 2022 class is essentially the topic here. And Alex, who's handle is draft film school, asks the question is Dyson Daniels, the best guard defender in this class. Look, among players that I think are likely to be selected, I think Dyson Daniels is really up there. If I was kind of crafting like a top group, he would definitely be in it. Let's say that kadari Richmond is probably out of this conversation because he has not been nearly good enough at this point to where he looks like he'll be a 2022 prospect. I think he's shaping up more as a 2023 prospect if he ever figures out the offensive side. I probably would have could already Richmond a level ahead of Tyson Daniels if we're being honest, but his offense is just nowhere near good enough at this stage to really be able to enter the 2022 draft class. In terms of best guard defenders, I would say that Johnny Davis also stands out. I thought he's had a really, really strong defensive season for Wisconsin as well. And we'll talk about him in a second here with a follow-up question that's going to be coming. But I really like Johnny Davis, but the thing about Dyson Daniels is that I think that his size and his length and his toughness and his overall quickness, whereas Johnny Davis is more of a strong defender. Dyson Daniels is a bit quicker and I think even slightly more tenacious on that end. I think he's going to be able to handle lead guards in a way that Johnny Davis may not be able to or players like Johnny Davis may not be able to. I'm trying to think of other guys that even really fit into this conversation here. It's kind of hard to even find some in this class. I don't think this is the best class when it comes to high level guard defenders. There's no davion Mitchell in this class in my view. I don't even think that anyone really hits the high level defensive upside on the perimeter of Jalen suggs who ranked it number two on my board last year in large part due to his potential defensive acumen. So yeah, I think that the question here from Alex over at draft film school is apt. I think that I probably would have Dyson Daniels as of right now as the top guard defender. I love the way that he slides his feet. I think he switchable one through three. I think that he's really disruptive with his length at the point of attack. The way that he handled, for instance, the thing that stands out to me is often our first impression, right? And the first game that I watched Tyson Daniels play with the G league ignite this year was against south bay, they played against Mac mcclung and some of those guys. And look, Mac mcclung is not an NBA level player in my opinion..

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