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Postponed. I'll bring you more on that sports and in business winter weather sends energy stocks soaring WGN traffic Here's Mary Vandeveld and traffic is sponsored by coin flip Looks so much better is far is as more people on the roadways at this time. Lot less people. They're all at home. Digging out, but the roads are getting better summer not completely cleared off. Still some snow on them secondary roads, especially so you still need extra time. Eden's is in good shape on the Kennedy No major delays, even though they're still there, leaving the express lanes closed off because they're still clearing that snow Eisenhower heading out But on the 2 90 extension is still a mess heading out to 3 55 earlier accident at Easter Field now Is still being cleared, but at least they're opening some of the lanes. Thean bound trip is about 52 minutes in from 3 90 16 for Mannheim, also an accident. Mixed in at the tri state. The two left lanes. Stevenson is clear along with the Ryan cellphone 57 at I 80 and exit involving some cars in the ditch. And Bartlett an accident lake and route 59 also north bound 3 55 tub while the beast her field accident being clear, But you need Pacific. Northwest trains Union, Pacific West and North and Milwaukee West are all running with some delays due to switching problems. Burlington Northern Trains are still stopped at Cicero Freight train interference. Their coin flip is the world's leading Bitcoin A T M operator. Coin Flip makes buying Bitcoin so flipping easy Find your nearest coin. Flip it A T m at coin flip dot tech use promo code coin flip 2021 for 15% off fees on your first transaction. Our band belted BGN Traffic Central Good news for Chicago restaurants today. Mayor Life it announced that indoor dining can expand to the lesser of 40% capacity or 50 people effective immediately, Roger Romanelli of the Chicago Restaurant Coalition tells the beauty ends and a devil Entous..

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