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Nick Bosa alike but Smith was doing it like in year ten Hey only Germany because were celebrating Justin Smith right now and also because I want to take a shot a preschool that Peter now for breaking the truly is we had a nice cruise there we had agreed upon a tree city broke the truce broke the peace I wanted to say that my favorite Justin Smith sack it ever is the next week against the giants were it's a very similar thing Burke we watch in the studio not that long ago he bull rushes his guy off the line into Eli manning sacked many did manning gets up his helmet is side ways and his shoulder pads are hanging out of the jail if he's been in a car crash that that is that a week later that's my all and Google it just Google Justin Smith sacked Eli manning enters the championship intelligent tastic the only problem is that game and the thing is that when he's coming out and I told Mr listen you can talk twenty eleven giants all you want I said that's the last time I remember I remember them being in the league I think are they still in the league I don't even know are they if you're not going to be out done by my giant hatred do you got a lot of good giant heating unit western new yeah I feel that for myself the great defensive stand and then I was get the ball back by the way we don't have time for the gore breaks a forty two yard run of dates love the big block there yes yes he did and then it leads to a David Akers field goal he was money eight years he was just twenty three seventeen and now with five minutes to go now it's getting tight all right in here come the saints in this is what you fear their playmaking Darren Sproles.

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