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Anybody watches see events remembers the ufc tends to like to concentrate those performance bonuses and post fight awards on the main card which means we're looking at a main card fight and in those main card fights we have one gentleman that has taken home fight of the night in three of his last four fights man is pedro muna's he is taking on josie aldo junior in the co main event the new co main event as of last week and then all brazilian battle in a fight between guys that are separated by two days in age. Peterman being born. Two days ahead of josie aldo. But that feel like they have to be seven to eight years apart given sort of their trajectory of their careers. And and how you think of them now but this to me is just an absolute banger. The flight we saw pedro munoz earlier. This year go out there and get into a trade leg. Kicks stand in the pocket fighting a phone booth grimy kind of battle that he absolutely loves against jimmy rivera. I talked to him about it earlier in the week. And i mean to hear this guy the excitement in his voice when he talks about these kinds of fights of just getting in there and a guy that's going to go out there and mix it up with him and i said what do you expect josie. Although and he said exactly that like this is what we know of him. He likes to throw low. Kicks likes to work the body. He likes to strike. Yes he's a black belt like me but we just like to. You know dig our feet in and trade. We saw that with josie although his fight with marlon cheeto veira earlier or at the end of last year. Excuse me anything. This is just the obvious candidate given what we know of the. You'll see how. I think this white plays out and pedro muna's track record of being one of the most consistently entertaining fighters on the usc roster ak there's a certain listener of our podcast. Who likes to remind me that you've had some spot on predictions. As of late the way you broke down a jay mckee patricia pit bulls almost like exactly how the fight played out in terms of like the order of operations if you will. So you've been pretty spot on with your prediction. So what is your prediction for. The fight of the night this saturday in houston texas. Ufc two sixty five. I'm a broken clock. I'm a broken clock but thank you. Thank you for reminding people that again. Twice a day twice a day It made is hard to argue against the aldo mundos pick. It's it's perfectly positioned as the komeda event. I almost wish that this was a five rounder. Almost wish that the that they were You'll see was being a little more aggressive with kind of what they did with. With as leon edwards. I get it doesn't have the s. starpower shore. But boy all the munoz. I'd love to see five routes. That's the only shame of it. It's it's great. It's on a per the only shame but not being like a fight night. Main is that. We're not getting two more rounds. But i definitely spent that'd be great flight however also perfectly position i think is the feature pre limb bobby green and rafael disease This was a fight a lot of listeners. just really wanted on On onto the next one the matchmaking blog called for it just made a lot of sense stylistically Where they are in their careers by green is such a respected veteran zeba. Relatively fresh name guy guys just getting his run in the ufc. And i think is going to start a run of fight of the knights slash performance in the nights His his style is just so exciting again really. Whoever i'm glad that just didn't over thinking like what to do. Oh what to do with this guy. Is he a contender. They just said. Bobby gr- they just thought bobby green be a fun fight. And they're they're they're definitely right. I mean bobby. Green on his best day. Yes can be frustrating. Super talented guy. Mercurial the the classic mercurial fighter the when he's on and i think a guy like zeev can push him to that level. Damn there's just like there's just nobody bugai's that can match How exciting this guy isn't a standup bite. So i love that. I think it is gonna steal the show. I think they'll beat some healthy competition for fight of the night. But at the end of the day i do think people will remember the green and physique. I do expect it to go also rounds. I'm i can't even pick a winner. I think i'm sure as it. Probably two one favourite going into man. Those are the situations are probably really thrives. And i'm excited that That the people were right and the universe made this one come together so they were going to go with the featured. Pre limb on espn two slash espn plus. Yeah that is a tremendous vice spoke to raphael ziv yesterday as a matter of fact That interview should be dropping shortly. Just one of my favorite interviews. Maybe ever because raphael's like his english getting better and he's just hilarious and a sense of humor is just is everything you hoped it would be and his prediction for the fight is just so dad. Jokey it's like the rock and jungle cruise like. It's just amazing i. I was in tears with his fight prediction. So check that every suitcase. Casey kenny vs telling you is such a sick fight. Manila cave versus o.'day osborne ridiculous amazing. That's ridiculous by must win for sure for the former rise champion. There's a lot of good fights. There's plenty of options get credit card to pray clashes styles. I hope it goes to the ground a lot because look as far as it has been said the entry. Say i'm i'm an amazing grapplers. I got to know why people think tanks like rap levers striker it's ridiculous grappler but they have very different styles of grappling maccabi. So much fun. It's a it's it's a good card. Yeah there's a lot. How many fights we have on this thing. Twelve thirteen thirteen. There's there's eleven of these that could be fight of the night. Like i feel confident that any eleven fights could be the fight of the night. It's ridiculous but There you go. Arguments have been made. We already know where this is going. So we're not gonna do any bells.

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