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Lighting and stars regular season home finale for the Lady. Who to this point at home this year of God, 21 6. Today's game is presented by Amalie Motor oil well I gotta tell you that As I'm looking at that, and I'm the peer Roscoe. Steve was just telling me is doing his last game tomorrow. Sunrise and I had a lot of fun to him. Yeah, he's doing. The Lady Panthers had a lot of fun with over the year with years with Ross, a cold Calling the deputy marry. I thought he lived here. Here we go. Cirelli loses center ice face up to Jason Dickinson. John Klingberg swings in on the left side. Pressel, Adele, a left sided Dickinson ruling it in Cirelli quickly after Johnson and centers Charlie back with corn and Johnson to start this game. He was up to point a lot of the end of the last game. He lost it centralized, Lind. L don't today must find the lightning net sorely, is there Folks it up the middle of corn made high stick that out of the year, he said. It was all right. Johnson and centralized touches it across the blue line gets too out of the right circle. Moving Cirelli by the Net. No bank it back in the right point of turnout shoots blocked by Klingberg. Near boards. Cogley Jano a pass up the middle is a dangerous one. Dickinson grabs it back for Andrew Cog Liano will work to Lindell. Right Wing Klingberg. Besides changing it up Lendell holds on to it. That's the one Del escapes of the Red Line fires it in hard around, played by good road leading far corner buying that Hedman rolled past the stick turn act. It's gonna Rattle it back for Barkley. Good road leading far Corner couldn't clear knocking down Jeannie Ben CenterPoint. Misfires there by the Lightning to clear the zone, then rolls into the near corner attracted his drop past finds us taking Alexia to pass stolen by good road. Good job by him. He got it out of the self. Robertson, right wing Ben back for Jason Robertson things it in over a minute in no score already, Wow was able to grab it and slip it out with Dell right back wide offside. Writing come out in time with Robertson, but he did not do so. 18 37 left, and they score was first. She right there That, in my estimation, should have been called on automatic. Delay of game face off. Shit! Kamala Way down. He saw the guy in there and he just kept on going. If you don't college anymore Rope a hand separated point Mutual's on face up, one by point, David Savard left wing McDonough back for Savard on the right wing. The middle bar. Rabelais actress to lard. No, no Fancy fancy, bold Pavelski. Right point shoots. They've made him put the rebound just wide left Keep Iran to in the left corner. It's the right 0.2 seconds. He scored on Wednesday in the third period. Gonna left circle hints lays it toward the slot. Barred delay a steal right once a large back for Alex Particulates, Center pasta blue Line, squeezing free into the left corner. Chop it for Brayden point right circle. For Savard, Right Point flings a shot wide, right? Yeah, well, keep Iran to Dallas. Well, punch it out to propel ski couldn't work it in deep they gonna blocks a quick counter. Savard, right side point across the Dallas line. I'll take it to the right point. Rating points. Sweets. I love circle. Cameroon has a man open in front, Joseph with the past. Ended up getting covered up by Khudobin. And he freezes it. 17 42 left in the score was first. I like the way Maroon took that It was way behind him, and he kicked it with escape to the stick and try to get in front where Joseph Tried to deflect it, but he didn't. But it went on that sort of the shot on goal face off to the right of the doorman. Radic, Fox and Ross. Cold coldness tossed. So it's Joseph and Fox up Joseph Windsor, but it comes out between appointment. Here's Yon routed back in the lineup after missing the last 18 games. With.

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