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Will follow is on that off szott ford i'll read out the sensible ones i it was basically my fo for saying that when not adverse to some comedy answers and by that i thought you might be you know little bit inventive you might say something about him popping up on the photograph of the of whoever wins the next french presidential election just you know something a bit like that did did i did i get that no we we got quite the opposite lots of talk about his personal life where is john terry going to go next on a serious note he says he wants to stay in sorry i mean caught he doesn't need to go to china does he does he need to go to me eric it does he need the money you might need a bit of a break away from from britain but i mean he says he's a family man so he could be staying nearby could be going to crystal palace us one of the teens linked with him that would be a good shout an what about held down only radio today but i think the me it's all about john terry becoming a coach and i've heard for example pat nevin to you by him saying his you know very rarely does he meets someone with with the kind of full kids in terms of someone who's intelligent enough to go into management going to coaching and but also has that presence about him you know he at chelsea for a long time you know despite all his critics for a long time it chelsea he's been the one sorting out stuff for the younger players he's been the one younger pays go to forward vice eu can say what you like about him he does have an or he has a presence and that's that could be such a useful thing when it comes to going into into coaching when this eddie heralded their friends apparently eddie how is a good relationship with them very you know they respect him very.

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