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Is love ours kid that's what we call him navarre's pro unlike that don't do that said love ours kid living up to the height up okay go of course he's lived up to the hype we don't pay him to score the ball that's something he does extra we pay him to distribute to lead the team and his fourth an nba in assist right now he's first and his team in rebalance from the point guard position so he's doing above and beyond expectations yeah the team is still a too we expected george come on it he is the key yeah he's averaging eleven nine and nine all right well i'm going to tell you is this 12 of seven and five do you know average that the rookie season jason kidd who is via haller position and that guy that launch those most compared to ryan show i think lonzo through four games considering the target leballo's put on his back has done a hell of a job i have to tell you chad you've seen the hype are on this kid and what have you seen from him so far was created by that there i like the pressure that he put on your he says the media as we i'm part of the media pressure is still basketball in the day i love lonzo ball and i love his dna and being a facilitator new remind me lebrun out there right now i gotta area i've got a theory on the floor uh let me see what you've got his ear bars putting all this pressure this bouzaiane along with narrow whatever the bulls i is he's putting the ball bulls lonzo because he's getting those guys the opponents to give them his best game or their best games right out of the gate and he's telling a book meant they ever gonna go harder at than they are right now so if you can play with them when they're giving you the hardest you'll be able to play with them for the rest gave his dad didn't say anything they be playing no but some of those guys are before in areas where here talk about a team that's touring two.

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