Mr Moeller, President Trump, White House discussed on Nightline



Counsel's investigation mr moeller you investigating the president probably not steve bannon apparently says this was a treasonous unpatriotic meeting and that they should have called the fbi right away is that legally significant there's a big difference between unpatriotic and treason treason is a legal term and to commit treason you really have to do some very bad stuff but most importantly it has to be during a time of war bannon was not in the room for that meeting he joined the campaign months after that meeting sounds like he's entitled to his opinion right but he's entitled whose opinion but it sounds like what he really means to say is boy was this job this never should have happened that's different than treason bannon is just one of more than two hundred trump insiders that journalist michael wolff says he spoke with four his new book due to come out next week today's bannon trump feud likely to be the appetizer the first of several big bombshells in the white house learned about this book in real time today and it took just minutes for them to go on the attack mode they are dismissing the book is trashy tabloid fiction but as much as aids here might wanna now distanced himself from steve bannon he was a principal architect of the trump administration this has to be a sting for them abc news has obtained an advance copy of the book among the other claims that trump didn't expect to win on election night the book quotes don jr saying his father looked as if we'd seen a ghost when he was finally told had clinched it there was a sense that none of them believed that the president was going to was going to win in this race in the book.

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