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You know it changed so fast. Nobody knew where it came from. It actually came from across in america and It was either a title oregon in a greg is Blew itself out but lost. Didn't extinguish itself. And it came across the atlantic at undetected it was so small so insignificant and then when scott down off the west coast ishai intensified and everybody unawares so laws. Yeah on awful tragedy. I believe it's still considered the worst tragedy in offshore yacht racing in history. Is there dan in twenty nineteen. You won't believe her tien goals but in twenty nineteen at forty years later. Known looks like hopele- days ago. But anyway maria my partner is we've got an invitation to go to a service in cows commemorating loss so we went over and whoever deletion with the opportunity to go. And i've always wanted to be in cows to start via average of just always wanted to see a fastener started. We went over to the service and watch a stroke. Made there is there. Had somebody had a fantastic idea to bring a piece of the fasteners itself over to the march. So i can remember when the storms were taken from the at the beach. Folks are about the size of bigger than your kitchen door. There erected beside the holy trinity church on on the in coast and then just to stand there a touch of peace of the best public and then then the following morning was the beginning of the race so we were invited by the rc. Enrile yacht squadron resulted in onto the garden and the and dark castle in cows where the race starts from so we were there for the duration of that and it was a lovely experience for me. Personally just to see i believe there was a painting view unveiled as part of that commemoration as well right yes throws a man an artist. I've got to tell you this is name was done. Llewellyn hall doesn't always will pitch man and he came over to orland and went out to cape clear on holidays and when he was out in cape clear he saw the.

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