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Types of comparisons because I feel like we shouldn't just compare every slot receiver to Julian Edelman or Wes Welker, but I really watch sky more run routes and the way that he threatens guys in the first couple of steps off the line of scrimmage, not just the fact that he's got good speed and good burst down the field. But the way that he really gets after it in the release and in the leverage on the stem, that reminds me so much of Edelman because Edelman was so hard to cover because he could open up early in the route, right? You just couldn't stick with him early on in the route and then you were playing catch up from behind the whole time. I think Skye Moore has a similar way about him and I also think he kind of has that Edelman knack in the open field where you can kind of bob and weave and set up blocks and be able to create after the catch as well. Maybe not the best game breaker with the football in his hands or vertical route runner, but he definitely did that a little bit in college. So I'm wondering how fast is he? I've heard some rumors from just people around the league that sky more is going to run a four three really put up a huge time. And if he does that, he might be a top 50 pick, right? He might be somebody that goes at the end of the top 50 if he's able to put up something that good. So Skye Moore is somebody I'm really interested in watching as well. Christian Watson in that category too. Christian Watson's gonna run. He might run in the four twos. That's what I'm saying. Like, let's say he comes out and runs like a four two 5 four two 6. He's I think he's 80 right now on the consensus board, think he can sneak. He could see he's 6 5. If he's 6 5 and runs four two something, does he sneak into the top 50? I think it's possible he's one of the most fun watches I've studied in this entire class at wide receiver because not only can he get up the field and create vertical separation, but then he'll put him in the backfield and they'll hand him the ball on jet sweeps.

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