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Do those things as correct. Yes so talk to me. A little bit about education and training the goes into creating affirming housing my phd in human services nonprofit management in. I'm building housing. So that's that's i. I didn't know what i didn't know until i was in. The belly of the beast is not for the faint of heart. It's for if you have a passion. Because in many instances affordable housing doesn't make a lot of money. You folks are with mary's house for older adults. We're not going to get rich with this. It's going to where we are going to sustain itself but it's we're not going to get rich and we had to figure out how that sustainability would app at in terms of having when we say affordable which can run the gamut of thirty percent of your income to. Let's say two thousand dollars a month or three thousand dollars a month for studio. They education. I i would think a passion would-be great to have but what we do. Have we have a incredible board of advisors consultants people in the community. Experts in construction experts in program management experts in fundraising experts development. So the organization needs the education develop it as the individual needs a passion and persistence to move forward and get to the finish line. Tell me about the golden girls. Bill awesome so the golden girls bill. Bill is being proposed in washington d. c. city council by council member robert white and the golden girls. Bill is a bill that will allow elders to take in other elders in their home to to rent a space in their home and it will be a process wherein the elder who the homeowner can receive some funds or resources and the renter will receive funds and or resources. But the bottom line is that they're going to be together. So we're going to kinda nip social isolation in the bud right. we're going to create families is win it. Mary's house for older really loves this bill. Because we are creating families are our vision like you may know that there are there are maybe eight to twelve of these units for affirming. Lgbtq sto folks buy. Ours is the only mary south as the only one that is offering communal living building families. And so the golden the golden girls spill woke. I'm build on that. It will be built family and community. You know nothing could make more clear how important that is then cove in nineteen. My own mother lives how half a mile not even from walking. You know walkable bike riding distance but during cova nineteen especially during the early months before we were really clear how it was passed and sort of how effective masking would be or any of that. I just didn't see my mother for months for months and she lives alone and never. Was it clearer had had. There's a reason why for most of human history we have We lived together in community because Something like that happens in. Suddenly you need to be in your pod together and your golden girls house. Yes exactly you need to being your pod together and that The pandemic was was really an eye. Opener really did open. Our eyes to how our elders are perceived i mean. Do you remember. Melissa when some politicians were saying oh folks take one for the team. They're still ethical concerns out there if it's me and it's a twenty five year old who needs the ventilator. Somebody's gotta make that decision. And if there's only one so there's ethics who decides who lives who dies you know so. There's a lot of a lot of things going on when we talk about elders and in the being perceived as away people And if you add the at lgbtq as on top of that and add old on top of that yep It's pretty sad. What would it take to get a mary's house in in every community in every neighborhood. Oh that that question warms my heart melissa. Because that's how that's what we're thinking. We've we want to have a mary's house in washington. Dc is out. i one and it's out first. Independent living residents our vision is to have independent. Living assisted living and hospice. So that we have a Annual of care for this population and we wanted in every city and it won't cost as much as one. We're building now because we we want to have donated homes. If it's a four bedroom on then it could be a forbid. Mary south with a little Upgrading so that. Its communal Friendly odd so we to have one in every city and country actually melissa We were Interviewed by some russian folks who came over to hear about mary sows french reporter came up to i wanted to know about some folks in germany wanted to learn about mary. So we see this communal living project for elders. Lgbtq elders in particular All over the world look at how your love for your father. Your reflection on the realities of these intersectional identities just might change the way.

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