Senator Laura Kelly, Chris Kobuk, President Trump discussed on Mark Levin



Yeah. Fascinating. You know, Republicans went into this race with a remain red mantra they wanted to hold this ground for Republicans and they'd lost. At least at this point the governor's seat. The secretary of state Chris Kobuk was running against as you mentioned a state Senator Laura Kelly. She I got a chance to interview both of them over the course of the campaign just yesterday as as voters we're still in the process of early voting in one day before the polls opened and Laura Kelly. I asked her, you know, are you a liberal or are you a moderate, and she said, I don't have an ideological bone in my body. And in fact, more than two dozen prominent Republicans in the state came out to endorse her including two former governors one who was on the campaign with her on the campaign trail with her on Monday. So, you know, the key curiosity is how much of that bipartisan appeal helped to win this election for her. Then there's the question is the Trump effect. Chris Kobuk, I had the president's endorsement the president was here last month rallying. And of course, perhaps nationally Chris Kobuk is best known as someone who is an ardent supporter of a strict voter enforcement. He was the vice chair of the president's commission on voter fraud earlier this year before it was disbanded in January, and he's reiterated throughout the course of his campaign that they share a lot of common ground on immigration on taxes, and of course, on voter fraud issues as well. So it's been fascinating to see it unfold into a chance to talk to the voters, but as as things wrap up, I guess, the one thing to note is that this actually goes with historic precedent. The governor's seat has been held by both Democrats and Republicans in alternating form red blue red blue red blue since about nineteen sixty four so in essence the pendulum swung back to blue. And it would have been more of an anomaly, actually, if the Republican ad one a following a Republican prior administration. So there's that little tidbit. Some of those things happen in other states around the around the country message. -chusetts Republican governors that sort of thing. But, but that's where we stand here is the as these results are trickling, and we're still waiting to get some information about some of those key congressional races here as well. Excellent information Molly line for us from Kansas. Thanks so much for that. Where again Democrats will pick up the governor's seat. But maybe not as unexpected as we thought it might be. We also have a new race call to make..

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