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You can go it but um yeah he actually took them to the courts and gruelling right right like yeah i'm going to google because you know me in the spice girls i got them all over my playlists on bgn and a naked is muscle am is viva forever as we'll hear i love that you can't tell me the forty didn't have the best boys of our guest thank you for the s the toys yes oh yes where he had the boy's ethical issue the only one merit like no okay school gender was pretty good that yeah it was all about sporty way say you'll be there is supposed to be john be horowitz carl i told you it will say you'll be there as he he wrote the lyrics now and they never credited him for it oh he's written a lotta songs he's written fourcolored me bad after seven and toni braxton actors grandi or not eager my rather you know the the magi view every day yes girl he's but it's of corn that's when i was surprised he didn't take craig david core i was like wow john chc there wow craig david though here's the thing i like a few years ago i took a screen saw be listening to it on my i tunes and i was like i said i said like eleven years later such and such an i'm still in love with this album like a just hard for the first time a he commented i i was crash mike are back when i got the notification like.

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