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Of the guys that you play against one thing that. I've found helpful. Because i have been prone to that same kind of intimidation of like of that guy's a disheveled twenty something. He must be great. Poker like is seeing people. i mean. Obviously this this really only works in life poker and someone's going crazy in the chat box or something but just seeing someone's kind of like emotional bearing and watch the number of times. I've been like someone has sort of seemed gutter like carried themselves as though they were very good player. And then i see something pretty routine bad law you know they they rebate with a skiing and they missed the flop or something and then you can just see that they're like angry about it and it's an all my respect for that person just goes out the window and i'm like okay. You're just like a Snowflake i mean it takes a while i guess you need to grow grow a little bit to realize things His went went when you get into poker it it's different than most other fields in a way like when you get to chess. League is with a high rating or really really good and a lot of fields in life. Like like the guys with a doctorate noah ton of men in poker the only thing you have to measure people as wall table. They're sitting in. That actually has nothing to do with our poker ability. it often. how how. How much do they like. Risk and gambling. And how much money do they have like You know i. I moved up stakes very slowly because i was very risk averse Other people move up stakes very fast without necessarily being very bid or with being very good. You know you can have either one. I had one of my roommates moved up from one to two twenty five fifty in a span of one year but then he ran like eight miles on the. Espn busted his bankroll. So you get all sorts. So i had wanted to ask you. Then we ended up diving straight into Theory staff which was awesome What what was your your journey for getting into poker. I know you're among other things. World champion magic. The gathering player was that was that your first game that you took seriously and yeah matt. Magic was the first name. I took seriously. I really liked playing magic I was pro- probably just weekends playing at all the time with friends so far in the morning in white went to lots of professional tournaments over the years but yet at some point i felt like i need to let go of mantech I was actually at this point. The just finished my university. I was working as a programmer And a few of my friends started playing poker. And one of the guys. Who like the i i have like the world champion title but this guy was in better player than i want. woodstock is a poker player. You can appreciate it because there is a variance right to win the world championship. It's just a cardigan tournament. And mike jamie goltz and all the best poker player as because he won the world champion so i was really good at magic but this guy was that huntley batman it sounds like you were just the jamie gold of the magic world i it sounds like no. I lots of before the world championship Our local tournaments at least But but this guy was just something else. Oh yeah he actually started playing poker was playing pl only made and he you know it. It gets really tempting when like you've you love playing cards. You're going to work every day but like your passion has always been playing cards and then one of your body playing cards you. Oh you buy made ten thousand dollars playing poker. And i wasn't making very much money at an entry level programming job. So hey yeah. Won't we decided to do was We moved into the same apartment for a year for friends and kind of health. Each other progress with bulker. We had a shared poker bankroll so we were sharing each other's action and one. This guy was just playing pilo mainly but that that's kind of how i bought started been poker and and just started going well in same kind of thing. I always lumped so Just the fact that you can make a living playing a game you lump. It's tough to walk away from. I guess considering the alternatives. And i know that. Did you ever have a real job before. You started like doing fulltime poker. I was the founder and executive director of a nonprofit organization. To what one of the games that i was into. I was also an avid magic player. But one of the things. I was into a competitive debater. So i was like. Oh my high school's debate team. And i later started an organization that was Starting debate programs in the boston public high schools. So i mean that was a job in the sense of it was a lot of work. It was not a job in the sense of i was getting paid for. Poker has always been my my primary if not my only source of income but it has not always been the the place where All my effort was being directed for walt. It's worth lengthened. The magic the gathering background ties in really With red line style magic Like one of the things when you play magic that that struck me as i was playing was We would only play live tournaments. And you'd have one turnament every month or something and very often and magic if you made like one tiny mistake the game would snowball out of control and you could tell it that one mistake was was the cause of the the reason you lost so that you can fall magic prior to always like through your best to win on like. That's one of the top things in pocus folding actually which which also helps here headline knopf holding like anyone who wants to hire redline and doesn't care about this winter i just clicked the spring but yeah i think what one of the things that that stayed with me and volker was. I don't care how big the is if it's linked to big ten big blinds hundred mega blinds i. I was like fully focused and in the mode of like. I don't want to make this one mistake. And then have the drive home in wait a month for the next tournament and that kind of stayed with me as a as a mindset thing and poker and i think that that's a really big difference between high stakes players and low stakes players is how much you care about. You know what to do their handling their too. Big a blinds and olympic palton. It's been checked down to the river. Or whatever the i call that the killer instinct that i just wanted to get every decision right as opposed to carrying about having a winning or carrying about winning the pot or something like that but more just like i don't i i mean i feel like on the one hand you have to give yourself permission to make mistakes but at the same time. I think you have to care a lot about making mistakes. Even when the pot is smaller. I guess part of it is just like recognizing that the small pots do matter a lot. Even though they don't.

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