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Weather has cooperated with fire crews in northern California this morning, firefighters are bracing for more hot, dry weather. KFC CASE Jensen Raeder reports The predicted lightning earlier in the week never struck. However, forecasters are now predicting temperatures going Back up in the region over the coming days and into the weekend, fire officials say cruiser preparing for a marathon battle in the coming weeks in order to contain the fires. At least seven people have died across the state due to the wildfires in about 1400 structures have been destroyed. Sense and Rader News 93.1 kfbk Evacuation warnings have been lifted in Santa Clara County is Cal Fire crews continue to battle the seas. EU lightning complex fires kfbk is Marshall Benson reports. The fires have burned nearly 80,000 acres of land and mostly Santa Cruz in San Mateo counties and sparking on August 16th crews have this easy, you lighting complex at 19% containment, and one death has been confirmed. The place is also destroyed over 300 structures and damaged 32. More evacuation orders are still in effect for parts of San Matteo in Santa Cruz counties. Marshall Benson, who's 93.1 kfbk? The San Francisco 40. Niners will open their season at home on September 13th that Levi Stadium without fans in the stands, they will open against the Arizona Cardinals. The Chargers and L. A Rams will also play in empty stadiums. The Rams air set to open their home schedule against the Dallas Cowboys on September 13th. The Chargers home Slate begin September 20th against the defending Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs Before we roll up the featured audio clip of this hour, just one quick note. We led the newscast, with the pressure being mounted on Ah, particularly Governor Newsome, But other political leaders in California to get businesses reopen, and we featured the story in Plaster County. There's another local county in Northern California, where Ah small business owners showed up at a county meeting. None too happy, very upset dozens of them wanting to speak. They're not happy that this power's been wrested from counties. So we have those audio clip. We have an audio clip from that meeting and you'll hear from those business owners. That's coming your way in about 15 minutes or so. But let's get to the featured audio clip this hour this morning, US Energy Secretary Dan Boulet Says that the recent rolling power outages in California during our heatwave are the result of a failed energy policy designed by California leaders. In short, he says, our state leaders have relied too heavily on solar and wind generated power. And now all of us, he says they're paying the price. When we have the heatwave, especially here's what energy Secretary Berlitz told Bloomberg business. It is our featured auto club. This our California has a long history of getting energy policy wrong. You may recall the blackouts. The brownouts from 2001. You know there was Ah market issue back in that point in time where people were manipulating the market, but they were manipulating it because of the wrong Policies that shares California chose to implement. At that time. We're seeing some of that replay today. What California has decided to do is to move to a 100% renewable energy generation world. The challenge with that is that you know when the wind doesn't blow in the sun doesn't shine yet. People want electricity. It isn't there, so their overall strategy is to borrow electricity or by electricity from the neighbouring states like Arizona and Nevada. The challenge you know with that strategy is that when it's hot in California, sometimes it's all so hot in Arizona, Nevada, and they may choose to keep their baseload power who thought that was a good idea that we'll just do solar and wind and then we really need power will buy it from neighboring states and ball. They're going through a heat wave, too, so they're not going to sell us right? It's Andi and it's full speed ahead on the whole renewable thing. So, you know, you talked about this last week in the program on there's no storage. So you know a three o'clock in the afternoon when the sun shines. It's great at one o'clock in the morning, and it's dark and everybody wants. Ah, some power right? Two men, and they leave it up to the so to try to coordinate all of that. I mean, what a mess. Yeah, I ve Arizona like, he said of Arizona. Nevada are suffering Tio. I don't know where we're going to get it. Well, maybe organ to give us some as the U. S Secretary of Energy says, we have a track record in California. Not really doing this all that. Well, right, right. Power has been an issue and continues to be some, Let's get you caught up on this hour's top national stories. On news 93.1 Cave from ABC News. I'm Cheri Westin,.

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