Condoleezza Rice, Russia, Donald Trump discussed on The KFBK Morning News


It go how Condoleezza Rice shut down a network anchor who ask the age old question about Russia and Donald Trump it's our featured audio clip in five minutes let's get out to the roadways early on Thursday traffic and weather together every ten minutes through Brian noble this report is right by risks are real died CD PH dot CA dot gov got a problem south of highway fifty in Rancho Cordova on sunrise Boulevard we have an accident vehicle versus powerful it's sun center on northbound sunrise northbound sun rises backed up according to Rancho Cordova PD they've also tweeted out that the power is out in that area you're going to find a lot of signal lights affected on both sides of highway fifty on sunrise also Rancho Cordova PD says the light rail arms may be stuck in the down position that doesn't rise and fall some as well don't have an estimated time of getting that cleared up also we do have a lot of overnight road work on our freeways causing some lane restrictions here there's some of those codes being picked up now lanes reopened not that many cars out there for that because many delays eighty full speed all the way from Roseville nine minutes to the gap city split another nine on the cap city freeway and you're downtown thirteen minutes in from elk Grove on five or ninety nine fifty from fulsome an eighteen minute drive twenty one minutes gets in from woodland on I five sixteen to make the trip he spent eighty across the causeway to downtown prescription pain meds are great for treating certain kinds of pain but they also carry the risk of addiction your pain is real but so are the risks for more information call eight hundred six sixty to forty three fifty seven traffic on the tens every ten minutes mornings and afternoons Ryan nobles news ninety three point one KFBK. warming trend is in our future today's temperatures likely going to get all the way into the mid nineties this afternoon.

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