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And Dodgers wild one out in LA the Yankees had the bases loaded and one out in the top of the ninety trail two one there was just a plated took about eight minutes to transpire and then adjudicate thereafter they were runners on I guess whose first and second any come back at that amount Brett Gardner is barreling in on the second baseman I think it was ki K. Hernandez it looks like Hernandez made the grab Gardner with what looked to me like a very aggressive but completely legal flied White County K. Hernandez just took his legs out from underneath them so he couldn't turn what looked to be a potential game ending double play well they reviewed the play afterwards everyone into well everyone that would be me and Brian I don't have the value mind on the game so I don't know I shouldn't say everyone but my guess would be the speculation was Gardner could have interfered because he took care Nando's out at second base end of days in appearance well then it is a game ending double play the wait and we wait and we wait and we wait and then we're seeing replay after replay and I'm going looks like a clean side to me and over and over at Lee and overly aggressive flight but a clean slide not against the world died flight then I'd be able to call him out the run reports because I've been afraid to tackle bass they end up calling gardeners shape at second they said he actually beat the throw there are news very agressive flight what he's come real hard a real fast I guess they saw enough data column safe storage bases loaded now one out Mike Babcock command just struck out so it is now bases loaded two outs Gary Sanchez come into play against Kenley Jansen dodges holding a two one lead Tony from South Carolina is up on CBS sports radio I doubt Hey Jerry how you doing very good how are you I'm fine thanks listen you got a script first of all I mean come on out on a golf course when there's a lightning I mean how many adult beverages that those guys have that they thought that was good I was down in Atlanta it could have been high they might have been making sure they were staying hydrated hi doing so with barley and hops rather than good old age too low I don't know your guess is as good as mine the the Yunis the players we can Yunis is it's it's a it's a money grab I mean it's you know they're trying to sell some sell some merchandise and and the white and black is you know a failed attempt at the NFL color rush uniforms I mean it you know I mean they're just trying to peddle their wares that's all right but let me ask you a question and I'm gonna take you as an expert here just because you decided to pick up the phone and dialed me so I will resist all expert status on you you're once on the color rushed uniforms yeah what were your thoughts what are your thoughts on the color right unipoint yet some of them are pretty pretty sharp really you can see I I enjoy the variance you now throw back then all I mean you know I think you know when Bryce Harper hit the grand slam walk off in the no no no no no no you you're going to face you you mentioned colori shy daughter I run the same page here National Football League put it Thursday night and the wacky ninety crazy uniforms they wear is what I was referring to what are your thoughts on those are usually the do you not not all all of them I mean when I think when the golf and during all aqua I'm not I'm not sure about that for me rain from not good to god awful so my point was that I don't you we're gonna go down the same road I did yeah why would you want to emulate an idea that doesn't work that just because another support does it yeah and they got this really holy **** dear for different died uniforms let's do that just like them I don't like to call the Russia to get station they I don't like you know they know these days I know they do that is well what was it did PT Barnum said there's one born every minute yeah you're right the the pre season the arms the demigod Tony dropped off for me was in mid sentence he was going to bash the NFL preseason that he and I could have gotten on a a record on it's just wrong what's going on and the only way this is going to change and maybe what do you guys on hold will touch on this I'm whining about I'm complaining about it some people screen improvement bloody marked or murder about it others are questioning it nobody's going yeah I have pre season more third stringers batch grain nobody's going there other than the coaches were protecting their star players so it's not working for the National Football League guess what it's not going to change because they're gonna give the team's latitude to play who they want prepare for the season they want take chances the way that they want they're gonna play for preseason game for one very specific reason it's a money maker they get close to what most teams still pile it on as part of the season ticket package and you're paying full or a baseball bat full face value for it you know I'm a jets season ticket holder Dave scaled the prices some games cost more than the average of all games some quests last certainly that would be the preseason games so it gets it done some creative accounting to make it more palatable on paper but it's basically the same thing it's all one big pricing you divided as often as you think you have to eight games are ten games including the two preseason games at home stadium I it's just not good and that's the only way it's going to change if you are frustrated slash perturb slants down right ticked off about the NFL what pre season is become knowing that you are paying for it if your season ticket holder and it used to be a D. relaxer facsimile of what an NFL game was now it's not even that it's it's it's it's not even in scrimmage I think these practice is that they have between teams leading up documents again I think they accomplish more and play a more significant by an example the eagles this week had to practice is against the ravens prior to their Thursday night game carton when playing ball practices him playing a game active with some you probably would have preferred to see to the actual game today played well you couldn't get into the practice is all but they charge full ticket prices to go to the games the only way it's going to change is if you take a stand when I say you I mean you you the National Football League for public transit there and specifically those of you our season ticket holders threatening cancel your tickets guy had naturally cancel your tickets if you can't run that risk because you're too big of fan and you think that someone else got come along and grab your season tickets and you don't want to lose it could drag I can't tell you to do this I'm just giving you my interpretation of the only way the NFL's going to react the pre season is all about the purse strings well you would have to attack them in the purse strings if you want them to acknowledge that yes we're giving you a much lesser product but yet still asking you to pay for it the only way you can stop paying for it is by stop paying for it if you get one of me but many hours CBS sports radio keep the pollens up eight five five two one two four two two seven update time here's Greg could start a.

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