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Having a great time. It's my first time here. After being postponed for a week, the sky is finally parted for porch goers in petworth who casually sipped and listened to the sounds of their favorite local bands jamming out Saturday afternoon. A lot of kids love a dog. It's great. Great people watching. The weather's been amazing and it makes me want to live in this neighborhood. We serve a claypool came to watch a friend perform, she says they were worried when things were postponed on the 21st. We are going to come last week and we got we were very disappointed that we didn't get to make it. So this was an excellent example. Porch is my favorite word. I love Porsches. In the district, Matt koufax WTO news. Two years after its creation Arlington county's community oversight board is ready to start work hearing complaints about police. Now that a memo of understanding between the oversight board and the Arlington county police department is in place, it can now start hearing from the public. Julie Evans chair of the community oversight board says the members spent the last year training, including right alongs with police officers. While it was very demanding, it was very valuable and will serve us well in sort of creating a root of this work in understanding how AC PD is set up and top right now. The oversight board was created after the death of George Floyd, Kyle Cooper, WTO P news, teachers in Montgomery, county could see a nice pay bump over the next two years. Is after their union strikes a tentative deal. If county exec Mark, ill, which is proposed budget is approved by the county council, salaries for teachers next year would increase by 5 to $6000, as well as a step increase for those eligible. The increase is meant to address the rising cost of living and recognize the value teachers bring to the county if approved the budget would include the largest ever allocation for mcps at $3.2 billion and the raises would take effect in July, it is four O 6 now Maryland governor west Moore has been criss-crossing the state with a single goal to reach every corner. He says he's also trying to change the current tone in Annapolis. Maryland's governor Wes Moore says he takes pride in the state's diversity, including the diversity of opinions among lawmakers. During the General Assembly session, Moore made a point to testify before legislators on his administration's bills. And there was bipartisan cooperation on a number of measures, but there were also tensions, including a sharp exchange between Republican delegate Nick kipke and House speaker Adrian Jones, just before the session ended. And I understand that emotions can run high. I know delegate kit key has apologized for it. I know the Speaker of the House has accepted his apology. But Moore said even when opinions are split in Annapolis, we can disagree and not be disagreeable. Kate Brian, WTO news. A child hit by a car in Prince William county earlier this month has now passed away. The 8 year old girl isn't being identified publicly by authorities because of her age, investigators say the child was sitting in the road on nutmeg court in woodbridge, this April 10th, when she was hit by a car traveling at a low speed, the child was stuck beneath the car until fire rescue crews arrived. She died Saturday in a hospital from those injuries. Prince William county police and the Commonwealth attorney's office say the driver of the car will not be charged in connection with that crash. Coming up after traffic and weathered as a call to make sports streaming a team effort. We'll keep you up to date on that in more, stay close. The cyber executive order tasks agencies to improve their

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