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Yeah. So here's what's next. All right, and this is presented by draft gangs because these are Joe's official drafting tips for the twenty twenty NFL season whether it season-long, we'll get into some specific draft kings. Stuff but I I basically want. Your I mean Joe you probably have written down is it ten commandments? Is it three commandments? Is it five? Do you know how many you got I got about five Ross The five commandments of Joe Dolan drafting and twenty twenty presented by draft kings, which Natalie's America's number one rate sportsbook, APP, and use the Code Ross for all your dreams come true. But also. They have the best DFS APP out there as well. I got both on my phone. All right, Joe. Joe's number one commandment go. All right Ross this a by the way I only have five commandments because my dad used to love the movie The ten. Commandments and I would cringe every time. He put that damn thing on because it's fourteen hours long and it was in the vhs thing like it came with like the four vhs tapes you need a forklift to take that thing off the shelf and my dad always watch it. It's a terrible movie. It's all a man anyway. So let's let's let's abbreviate the commandments a little bit first and foremost I'm going back to an old school commandment here running back early and there are absolutely ways to play contrarian. Go Zero RV and win and fantasy football. It can be done. It can be done every year it was harder last year because we had a really. Kind of an anomaly type of season because they weren't really all that many running backs that got hurt and kind of put these superstar waiver wire types. In the LINEUPS. That's probably not going to happen again with specially with this weird off season but. Running back early there I it's. It's it's as good in the first two rounds as it has been in a long time and if I don't get running back I feel good about in the first two rounds I feel like I'm going to be drafting from behind and the reason is simple because the market has has adjusted to such become sharp where the healing options. Are. Going in those first couple rounds and then once you start getting into the third fourth and fifth rounds those running backs, there's there's major questions about them wonder for net was going in the third round. Okay..

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