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I i didn't like her first one that everybody loved goldie hawn trainwreck now that was funny trainwreck was overly long it had too much drama ended for comedy and it was just that is i i thought the movie with goldie hawn alaria snap i i thought i thought yeah next to in the proper context but i i thought snatched was good okay i'll tell you fan of amy schumer no not at all not at all her stand up anything no it's not even about crafts i love i love crass i love i was gonna say that's withdrawing i will say this her leather special may be one of the singularly worst comedy specials ever recorded yeah there was two laughs in it too and it was well it was it wasn't funny home wasn't it was it was just unfunny there's only one thing accomplished special has to do for little skits show the little you know the amy schumer show that was okay yes every little skit show that came in the wake of the chapelle show hoppy the template was okay because you're copying a brilliant piece of work that leather special was not was horrible horrible and and i'm saying it's very subjectively so i'm not an amy schumer fan but every now and again you just want to watch something funny and it was the only thing on and this is the premise is this is why it's kind of ridiculous the premises that she is being unattractive is not the the template if you will a beauty is not the standard a beauty or pretty so she kind of gets ridiculed here there from her looks which is kind of ridiculous because she's not an ugly woman i mean if it's trying to be one of those tonight forget what's the story aware the woman the frog and print yeah yeah prince charming in other words yeah she's not she's not horrible looking so for her to be obsessed with wanting to be this pretty person i seems a little bit outlandish but it's not though because nowadays with social media yeah in hollywood instagram dropping you can't say that more difficult for yes i think it comes off because she's not so unattractive as look at me i am really really pretty kind of move that's what i think no it's not right the movie yes she wrote the movie okay right now i would say this i would say that so she falls off of a spin by right and hits her head and now she thinks that she's gorgeous shallow hal is exactly shallow hal now let me tell shallow how or any other number of movies that have used this kind of cliche premise the issue is that when she looks in the mirror you don't see what you what she sees in her head she's looking in the mirror and it's the same amy schumer so the so the conceit the trick is in other words like in shallow hal when when when he looked at say when say they had shot cha shallow how and when he looked at gwyneth paltrow he never saw as a thin person he just said while she looks great but she was always you know huge in other words that the visual cue that is needed to make this work is never done when you're copying somebody else another artists you probably don't want to include the exact same well it is if you.

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