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In places that used as he electricity because a lot of places that use clean electricity that that have a a energy mix that's more slated towards non fossil fuel types of of of electricity the actress that he is actually subsidised and that means that your energy use has been heavily taxed and so what makes it expensive in europe is is taxes but also and it's just plain and simple call this cheap thanks very much for joining us eddie vander vault is our commodities reporter for bloomberg joining us from our london studios talking about cryptocurrencies did did did in today the fixed income demands more that a fixed approach bit mean staying ahead of ever changing markets making the most of traditional strategies that also looking beyond them not just finding opportunities for investors but creating them we didn't invent fixedincome but we reinvented every day pemco all investments contain raskin they lose valuable investing in the bond market is subject arrests consult your investment professional prior to making an investment decision the tax plan is moving forward and president trump says he's expecting to sign a bill early next week that would be the biggest transformation of us tax policy in decades here to discuss it with us as rick laszio senior vice president of alliant group also former us representative from new york serving in congress from 1993 2000 and one congressman lauzi oh i had left just first start with how do you address criticism that this bill helps companies that don't need help and don't have any incentive to really invest in their infrastructure won't necessarily accelerate the us economy i it doesn't give that much of a boost to the middle class how do you respond to that because that is the big a core kind of criticism of the whole bell right well no the trend greedy p growth historic way postworld war poop period has been around three percent we have been around two point two percent him.

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