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Sauce right aids by be where it's up to you to test on on the one hand i can thank god gene how i've got my phone i happen to a moved it to lineage of westland two weeks now lead making birds coated work i then for my hospital bed i send a message to the linney joe as bit citing the emergency hold him so i can see him saying yeah that that that is an uncommon be our job to do there's no way we can test will be stuff realistically if you want that they go by staff of manufacturer whose job as the data on the other hand bit of a shock if you find the he needed emergency cool thing that it does work it's also a conflict of way of test again without it i actually wringing nine no no no no i won't bomb which is contrary indicate no that's not how emergency dial works doesn't collision on okay i'm how does who were on what i would highlight is justified phone is locked you hit emergency call in brings up the dial or and you can only use the dealer but you then have to press nine one one now i assume the dollar foyer so let out a recipe for eightyearolds thailand 911 all the time now guberina did then android two or something but it's certainly doesn't do it in any recent version that i've seen but then sorry professor smoked anyway goodbye katie far cooler they like ours you'd would only allow you to don na bondouy my only the law i don't know authentic.

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