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Infected with COVID-19 at a time when we're seeing a surge of the BA four and BA 5 omicron sub variants. They're doing well. We had a lot of work done going to continue to get it done. And in the meantime, thanks for your concern and keep the faith is going to be okay. Justin Finch is covering it for ABC News and spoke with Taylor van zeiss. Justin, what's The White House saying today about the severity of the infection and the president's prognosis? The White House is essentially saying here there are reasons here to be relieved by the diagnosis as it stands right now. The president's symptoms are said to be mild runny nose, a dry cough, some fatigue so far, but he is working from The White House today, making calls and having Zoom meetings. He last tested negative on Tuesday of this week, giving you a sense of how quickly they saw turned. He's also now taking the antiviral packs lovit to help minimize his symptoms. They're saying that this kind of happened this morning with his test for COVID-19, testing positive. If he had some symptoms yesterday, they said feeling tired after that speech he gave in Somerset, Massachusetts and also having a restless sleep and given that he was tested and that test was found to be positive. The vice president here also testing negative as well today. Both she and the First Lady traveling today and wearing their masks as part of their protocol here. But the real message, The White House has kind of attached to this is the importance of everyone being aware of their symptoms and of course the transmissibility of these sub variants now across the country. And what can you tell us about who the president may have been exposed to? Where this may have come from and who he may have exposed. That's what a real big question at The White House briefing just where this could be traced to. The White House at this point not exactly giving us that triangulation, but we have to price in here. The amount of travel the president has done just recently to Massachusetts just yesterday and before that going abroad to the Middle East. And so some questions have arisen about cliff that have happened in between any of those trips. The White House saying they don't have the answer to that just yet, but our contact tracing at The White House as well. But we know that was a concern as the president was going to the Middle East last week. We know the president is on pax lovid now to treat this. But he's in his late 70s, and by the time many of us get to that age, we're probably all on some prescription or another. Does he have to take any other considerations for his health or other issues that he has held with his own health? The White House saying that that appears to be his major concern here is his age just by being 79 that puts you in a whole other level of concern medically about this disease. We do know that he is fully vaccinated. And twice boosted his most recent booster shot back on March 30 fairly recently, and these are all things that are working in his advantage here because of that full vaccination and boosting protocol here. We do know that the president has had some medical issues in the past, but they have said The White House. His doctors at the biggest concern right now is his age, was helping him in this case though, is that he does have that full vaccination and also catching this early. ABC's Justin Finch with us on northwest news radio, Justin, thank you. That's Taylor van zeiss. The Supreme Court is declining a request from the Biden administration on prioritizing select immigrants for deportation, but will here arguments Brian shook has more. The Department of Homeland Security wanted to prioritize deportation for immigrants who it deemed a threat to national security with other immigrants being less of a priority. Texas and Louisiana filed lawsuits over the policy saying it conflicted with the law with the Supreme Court agreeing. They did agree, however, to hear the case and review the policy in December. I'm Brian shook. Your stock charts dot com money update on northwest news radio. Alaska Air Group reported more than $1 billion in revenue in June. It's best month ever. The leading airline at sea tac international airport also exceeded Wall Street expectations in its second quarter, with both earnings and revenue surpassing estimates as travel begins to open up. Seattle has become one of the most popular cities in the U.S. for Liv work play apartments, or rental communities that include residential office and retail space. The city will soon have 9500 apartments in mixed use communities, according to data firm rent cafe. Many of which are designed to appeal to millennials. The Dow gained 162 points to close at 32,037. NASDAQ also rose one 62 and the S&P 500 gained 39. This is rob Smith with northwest news, radio. I'm announcing today that I will be proposing a significant expansion of our criminal justice training commission to offer is western unity on Ukraine starting to unravel. Hungary wants more not less natural gas pumped in from Russia. These are your world headlines from ABC News. After meeting his Hungarian counterpart in Moscow, foreign secretary Sergey Lavrov says Budapest request to purchase additional amounts of Russian natural gas will be considered immediately. Hungarian government is seeking an additional purchase of 700 million m³ of gas, replenished inventories before winter. Italy's prime minister has resigned after his ruling coalition fell apart and the country's president is all parliament, which paves the way for new elections. And the European Central Bank has raised interest rates for the first time in 11 years by a larger than expected amount. Joining steps already taken by other major central banks to target high inflation. I'm Tom rivers at the ABC News foreign desk in London. The historic he gripping the nation has turned tragic in Texas ABC's janae Norman explains. Pete alerts stretching from coast to coast. Initial numbers show Texas breaking another all time record for peak electricity demand Wednesday, reaching nearly 80,000 megawatts. It's the 11th time. They've broken that record this summer. Sadly, Dallas county reporting the heat related death of a 66 year old woman who they say had underlying conditions. Northwest news radio traffic from the dubin law group traffic center. East bong highway 5 22 Tribeca it's looking a lot smoother on your drive from four or 5 to two, it'll be 18 minutes. Seattle west found 5 20, the off ramp is closed to east Rowan oak street for road work beginning at 9 o'clock tonight,

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