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Of forty state attorneys general working together to stop or cut down on the annoyance a man is dead following a shooting your Biltmore village in Asheville the suspect barricaded himself inside a home and refused to come out crisis negotiators work for about three hours to convince him to come out peacefully the ruins of a previously unknown colonial tavern I've been on earth by east Carolina anthropology students Mitch Evans has details the students were part of a summer field class just south of Wilmington after a month of TV is digging they ended up excavating a part of North Carolina history and uncovered building measuring fifteen by twenty five feet that was filled with relics of a tavern from the early to mid seventeen hundreds included in the fine was what turned out to be a rare coated glass jul the building was part of Brunswick town which was a thriving colonial settlement during the revolutionary war British troops burned it to the ground and now part of it has been rediscovered I miss you haven't wake counties fifty gas leak this week shut down a busy stretch of road in Raleigh during the afternoon commute Thursday a construction crew had a four inch gas main your weight Avenue in Saint Merri street crews had a cap that within about a half hour investigators are looking into a photograph out of Rowan county that popped up on social media this week it shows a puppy dragging a pair of bricks that are tied to its collar a Humane Society spokeswoman told WSOC TV that sometimes used to train dogs for dog fighting a man is seen leading the dog on a leash to a gas station parking lot and Rockwell authorities want to speak with them with continuing news updates on Kyle Wilson still hovering around.

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