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What it's done created to have acted it has and it's worked on its own time frame Pickwick ever expert you want doctor found key or ID the other doctors that they oftentimes bring out to talk to the American public when they have presidential news conferences are just regular guests on the news talk stations on TV these days and they can't necessarily agree and no one has been dead on to predicting indoor projecting the courts did to corona viruses going to take it is banned words at times then projected by many experts it is cut back more quickly in certain areas then it has a projected by the quote unquote experts but somehow major league great Major League Baseball penne data guided der using who's working out at the university of Nebraska's Kate Miller gave me his name last night he used to work for the C. D. C. and he is there I guess on retainer expert as of right now they are taking his guidance in as to what direction they think the pandemic is going to take and I guess according to this guy although I've seen no statement from him but baseball sources have said this is main expert to tear consulting they're in fear of a second wave that they're projecting is going to kick in in November they know this why don't I know this and I try to produce stuff I'm not perfect I don't said fronted TP fourteen hours a day and watch only to new channels I don't sit on my computer and or my tablet and just research corona virus latest updates minute in a minute out I and I'm sure at least once I saw that there is protection for a potential second wave but I don't recall ever seeing and it's going to hit November I thought it could hit in September I dated in my did in twenty twenty one if certain things happen in our environment and we handle our safety or mishandle art safety particularly that it can happen down the road but somehow baseball is figured out because of their consultation with quote unquote experts November is a very risky month I don't know if I believe that way they're hanging their hat on it that helps better make their argument for a shorter season for only fifty games you don't even have to go there you can talk about the.

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